Kaamna 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Akanksha suffers a panic attack

Kaamna 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Akanksha suffers a panic attack

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Akanksha falls unconscious on the ground after getting dizzy, Yatharth immediately calls Manav requesting him to come back soon since Mama has gotten unconscious, Vibhav exclaims that Manav is sour from the outside, but his Kamna is a different person altogether.


Some time earlier, Akanksha calls Karan asking if Vibhav sir is still in the office, karan replies he doesnot know about the present, she asks him to go and check, he is peeking into the cabin of Mr Kapoor when the secretary asks what he is looking for, karan immediately replies he was searching for the water cooler, she points him to the other direction. Karan then questions if Vibhav sir is still in the office, she replies he is really busy in the meetings, Karan questions when he would be free, she replies he would be free from the meetings in one hour but will meet them after two days as he has given a Donot disturb order. Karan leaves then calling Akanksha exclaims Vibhav is still in the office but will not meet them for two days, Akanksha asks him to go in the cabin but he says he would not be able to do it, as this way his first day would become his last, he ends the call which worries Akanksha. She texts Vibhav exclaiming she needs to meet him, she requests for the time, there is someone at the door who is constantly ringing the bell, she opens and it is Yatharth who throws the ball at her, she questions what is this way since has is always in such a hurry, he exclaims he needs to attend the bathroom, she scolds him, Yatharth goes to his room.

Akanksha texts Vibhav exclaiming she know he would be really busy; she suddenly gets dizzy and falls on the ground, Yatharth tries to wake her up but she doesnot respond, he then picks the mobile.

Amita informs Manav that his mobile has been ringing a lot, he goes to the cabin when he once again receives a call from Akanksha, it is Yatharth who informs Manav that Akanksha has gotten unconscious.


Manav opens the door when he sees Yatharth sitting with Akanksha, Manav immediately picks her up making her lie down on the bed, Yatharth questions if Akanksha would be alright, Manav assures he has called the doctor who would come and check Akanksha really soon, the doorbell rings when Yatharth goes to bring the doctor meanwhile Akanksha informs that might loose the bungalow as Vibhav Kapoor is planning to sell it.

Manav comes with the doctor who questions if Akanksha has suffered anything like this before, Manav replies it is the first time when the door asks if she is taking any sort of tension, Manav replies she is, doctor asks him to make sure it is resolved as soon as possible since this is a really worrying situation, she took so much stress that her mind was not able to handle it, Manav questions if this can happen again, he replies if the stress persists then she might once again suffer but he for the present time should give her the medicine, Manav gets worried thinking the panic attack might be dangerous, he calls the mother of Akanksha.
Yatharth is massaging the head of Akanksha when Manav comes saying does he plan to take all the credit of serving, he sits beside her but she turns away, he asks her to not worry about that Bungalow, but she sits up exclaiming that he must accept the fact that he cannot afford the bungalow for her, Manav replies he has done all he can but is still not able to arrange the last 1.5 million, he thought he would get the personal loan but it got cancelled out because of his home loan, Akanksha exclaims she doesnot know what he would do but she just needs that bungalow, she thought she would once again get to live in the same place where she spent such a good time however she now feels it was a mistake to get married with a government officer, and Manav should never say that he has done all to fulfil her desires because he has not, Manav tries to explain he is not a money making machine as he has exhausted all the resources, however Akanksha in anger exclaims it is his duty to fulfil her desires, she has done all she could by talking with the previous owner to sitting at the office of Vibhav Kapoor, still Manav is not able to get that house for her. Manav also gets mad saying he never wanted to make any sort of deal with the fraud Vibhav Kapoor but only thought of doing it because of her, however if at the last moment he is not able to arrange the money then she cannot blame him for not being able to fulfil her unnecessary demands, there is someone at the door, he opens it to find the mother of Akanksha who asks about her health, he welcomes her into the house.

Vibhav asks Ranay what he thinks he is doing, Ranay replies it is simple as he is stuffing the vegetable, Vibhav asks him to not make fun of his cooking since he is filling Manav, Vibhav starts laughing mentioning Manav is a really sour person and always talks like it, he doesnot want to live happily and also doesnot allow others, he is like a crow on whose beak is a special diamond which he can neither swallow nor spit out, but he is mistaken that the diamond is bound to be stuck in his beak, so now he is forced to make the diamond realize that it is worthy of being part of a necklace, so he knows Manav would not accept the bribe but his Kamna is stuck on the bungalow so now Manav would be forced to take his offer of the instalments, and then she would realize that his wealth is more worthy then that of Manav. Ranay asks if he is sure this would happen, but Vibhav is sure everything would happen as per his desire.


Manav tucks Yatharth in the bed, he comes out to see his mother-in-law bringing the plate which is still full of food, he asks if she has not eaten anything when she exclaims that Akanksha is really stubborn and when once she was adamant on getting her hair dyed but she refused however her father was not able to see her condition and fulfilled it, she requests him to not buy that godforsaken bungalow but Manav explains that he cannot see Akanksha worried even for a moment so how can he see her tensed.

Manav stops his car in front of the office when a person comes to stop him mentioning he is a member of the union, Manav asks him to come and meet him in the office but he explains he has brought something for Manav, mentioning it is the money and he explains that their shops do well during the festivals that happen, but if they get torn down then how would they manage to eat, Manav says that he has given his answer to Nariyan, Yatharth calls Manav explaining he always eats with Mama but she is not coming out of her room, Manav assures he would manage to correct everything but for that needs his strength which come when Yatharth smiles, so he should eat, Yatharth ends the call. Santosh once again comes to offer Manav the money mentioning they are 2 million, Manav however says he only needs 1.5 million, Santosh exclaims it is the first time he has seen anyone demanding the less amount so offers to give Manav the money he however denies it, rushing to the car sits down when Santosh gives him the money asking him to take care of them, Manav thinks he has finally taken the bribe which he never thought would happen.

Precap: Manav throws the money at Akanksha, she asks if he has taken a loan, but he replies it is a bribe. Vibhav exclaims he desires to look his Kamna in the eye and tell her that he has broken Manav.


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