Kaamna 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Akansha asks Manav argue as she insists he take the bribe

Kaamna 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Akansha asks Manav argue as she insists he take the bribe

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Vibhav asks them to start the preparations for entering their Bungalow, Akanksha picking the keys refuses saying that he will take the keys from him when he has the entire amount because he doesnot want any favours, Vibhav exclaims that this deal is closed from their perspective, Manav mentions how they should leave now because it is getting really late, Vibhav however exclaims how can they leave from a party without having anything, Manav replies Vibhav knows that he doesnot eat anything from the outside, Akanksha exclaims it was nice meeting him, Vibhav responds the same, Manav and Akanksha get up to leave, Vibhav exclaims that someone who has such a beautiful wife would be like him but they have to break both his back and arrogance.
Akanksha is about to tip over, Manav kneels down to check when he informs that her Sandel has broken, he asks if he can pick her up when she refuses, he however exclaims it has been long since he has picked her up but they both leave, Vibhav exclaims it would be really difficult for him to separate Manav from Akanksha but he doesnot want to do anything that is easy so would surely separate Manav from Akanksha.


Manav standing in the corner is thinking how Vibhav offered him to defer the payments on ten percent every year, Akanksha coming from behind exclaims he should have accepted the offer as no one these days pays the full amount but Manav replies she knows he doesnot want to even see the face of Vibhav, this is why he wants to get this deal over as soon as possible, Akanksha pulls him into the bed room, they both lie down when she exclaims he has given her the most desired dream of her life, Manav also mentions he got a gift which he never thought possible which is off her smile, Akanksha sleeps as Manav says that he has to arrange for the rest of the amount.

Manav counting the money thanks Aansh exclaiming he knows how hard it is to take out 500,000 from the savings, Aansh asks if he is now going to cry because he knows Manav only does what he is capable off but this time the idiom doesnot fit, Manav exclaims he has to arrange for 1.5 million so is thinking of taking out a private loan and for this he is going to call the bank manager, Aansh asks what will he do about the renovation. Manav stands to leave but forgets the bag which Aansh has to hand him.

Vibhav is looking at the photos while a women is trying to read the message which he wrote for Akanksha, he completes it as she is not able to, the women ask he while being in the room with her is thinking about someone else, Vibhav exclaims there are two words, open and close which are opposite, just like a man who is close to the person they are with like them, he exclaims she did not like it, he mentions how he would show her the right way so calls Ranay ordering him to show the women way out, she leaves exclaiming she knows the way out but Vibhav is a loser, he exclaims he really likes the loser part.


Akanksha opening the door asks if he has not gone till now, Manav says that he forgets half things after seeing her so left the home loan papers, Akanksha receives a text from Vibhav who exclaims it must be really difficult to come so close to her dream, she replies her husband is trying to arrange the money and would be able to do it really soon, Akanksha informs Manav that even Vibhav Kapoor is really worried about the bungalow, Manav questions why is she talking with him, she replies it is different to respond to someone, Manav in anger replies she is talking about Vibhav Kapoor these days, she handing him the mobile asks him to see for himself what she was talking about. She says he only has to sign one paper to arrange the amount but Manav exclaims he is better off working honestly then by taking a bribe, it takes some time to reach their destination but they tend to reach it, Akanksha exclaims that his family cannot survive if he works honestly, Manav asks Akanksha to lower her voice because it would be really bad if Yatharth hears that his mother is forcing him to take a bribe, she leaves exclaiming Yatho is doing his homework and Manav should also focus on doing his.

Bublie is beating the mattress, Karan calls her in joy exclaiming he is really glad because even if the commission he was to receive died, he still got the job at Vibhav Kapoor’s office because of Akanksha and is feeling really good because he has his own cabin, Bublie asks if he knows how she is feeling, he thinks she would also be feeling good but she replies she is really angry as his mothers always keeps on ordering her, she has now taken out some old mattress which she asked her to beat, they will hire a maid from his salary. Karan replies he doesnot know how much she desires to spend with his first salary, Karan receives a call, he is told that Vibhav sir has called him in his office, Karan immediately leaves.

Vibhav in the cabin asks Ranay that the bungalow which Akanksha was asking is also desired by their old associate and it is not easy to refuse him, Ranay exclaims he has already sold the bungalow but Vibhav exclaims they have neither taken any money nor a token amount so the deal is not signed this means that they can sell the house, Vibhav exclaims they can wait for a little longer, Karan is standing outside the cabin when the secretary comes asking why is he still standing outside, Karan enters the cabin when Vibhav asks if he is facing any problem, Karan assures there is nothing to worry about in the office, Vibhav informs how he might sell the bungalow if Manav is not able to arrange the money, he informs Karan how he feels that he would really succeed in life. Ranay asks Vibhav if he is really going to sell it, Vibhav replies he has given them a benefit of 1,5 million which is a lot for the government officials, he is just trying to spice the relation of Manav and Akanksha because after hearing the news they would both get in an altercation which will first hit Manav.


Nariyan comes to Manav asking him to take a look at the file, mentioning it is of the demolition Nariyan says that one of the shops is of his relative who came with a lot of hope but Manav replies they had already given them a motive over a month ago so now extension would be given, Nariyan exclaims he would also get his share but Manav says he will not be a part of any bribery, Khushal jee standing with his colleague and Nariyan, the colleague says Manav would neither take any bribe nor let anyone take it, Khushal exclaims it is not like that since he came to the party with his wife, they bot bet on it and leave.

The parlour worker asks the neighbour for the address when Akanksha calls her, advising her to come to her house, they both leave exclaiming that she is showing off after she called the entire parlour to her house, Nisha the worker exclaims that her skin is really sensitive, and she means that Akanksha should not live in such a society when Akanksha exclaims they are just waiting for the interior to be completed. Karan calls her informing that Vibhav Kapoor has decided to sell the bungalow, she tries calling Manav, but he has left his mobile in the office, Amita sees the mobile so wonders where has he left, Akanksha then tries calling Vibhav but he too doesnot answer, informing Ranay that one only gets the attention when he keeps the other party waiting, she sitting down on the sofa thinks she would have to do something for her dream.

Precap: Akanksha falls after getting unconscious, Yatharth tries to wake her up, the doctor advises Manav to end any sort of tension as Akanksha suffered a panic attack, Manav thinks how Nariyan said that the shop owners were ready to give him 1.5 million


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