Kaamna 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Akanksha tries to convince Vibhav Kapoor to resell the Bungalow

Kaamna 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Akanksha tries to convince Vibhav Kapoor to resell the Bungalow

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In the night Akanksha is taking off her jewellery when Manav comes to praise how beautiful the jewellery is, Akanksha replies that her mother was not able to give her anything on the wedding, Manav replies had he known that she would receive such gifts after reconnecting with her family then he would have done it long ago, Akanksha gets angry when he assures, he was just cracking a joke. Manav mentions that this necklace would look good on Akanksha when she wears it with that black sarree, Akanksha questions what does he mean because this is just an old fashioned set, she feels that she should get it made into new set when Manav tries to explain this is a historical set of their family which was passed down from one generation to another so how can she even think of doing such a thing, Akanksha exclaims the worst part of being middle class if of hypocrisy, she mentions how is getting worried for this set which her mother gifted but doesnot care for the bungalow of her father, at that time he was only worrying about his expense so how is this in any way fair, Manav gets embarrassed and is not able to say anything.


Rhea is playing tick cross with her husband, they both are arguing when Aansh mentions he knows that Manav has a budget of only 6.5 million so how can he even think of buying a bungalow which costs 10 million, Rhea replies she knows Akanksha really well and she would make Manav do what she wants, and she even knows that Manav would never refuse her as he will do anything for her happiness. Aansh gets worried, Rhea asks what happened, so he replies that he sometimes gets really tensed for the both of them.
In the morning Akanksha questions Agarwal jee how he can do this, she exclaims she reached his house with a lot of difficulty after he was not answering her calls, Agarwal jee replies what she means as she just asked for the price which he told her but someone else came and bought the house so what wrong did he do.

The carpenter standing outside the house tries calling Akanksha but she doesnot answer, he then calls Manav explaining how Akanksha called him to take the measurements of the furniture, but she is not in the house, Manav asks him to note down the number of Akanksha when the carpenter replies he already has her number, Manav requests him to wait for some time.

Akanksha gets furious with Agarwal jee, he questions if she had given him any token money rather, she just inquired about the price, what can he do if someone else bought the house, he further mentions how he only bought that sim card for selling the house as otherwise people tend to keep on calling. Akanksha powers off her mobile.


Manav in the office is trying to call her when Khushal jee is just eavesdropping on him, Manav asks the carpenter if he can come back tomorrow hearing which he agrees.

Akanksha asks the name of the person who bought the house, Mr Agarwal reveals his name is Vibhav Kapoor, Akanksha recalls how he is the owner of Kapoor constructions, she questions if he has his contact number, Agarwal jee replies he doesnot have the personal number but that of his office, she asks for it.

Akanksha is standing outside the office with Karan who questions what is she doing as they are just going to waste their time at this office, she however takes him inside when going to the receptionist, Akanksha exclaims she called for a meeting with Vibhav Kapoor when the receptionist replies she already told her that Mr Kapoor has back to back meeting, but if she wants then she can wait, Akanksha sits down with Karan, while they hear two employees leaving who exclaim they are going to get a big commission cheque.


Vibhav checks his mobile for the cameras when he sees Akanksha, pulling aside the curtains he exclaims it doesnot feel nice to keep her waiting but the thing which one can get easily doesnot have any worth, so she should wait a little longer.

Manav is on the call with his mother-in-law asking if Akanksha is with her, however she replies that Akanksha did not come which worries them both, she asks Manav if everything is fine, he assures there is nothing to be worried about because it is the habit of Akanksha to keep her phone on silent mode, he informs her that Akanksha is calling him.

Manav asks her where she went after calling the carpenter, Akanksha replies that he did not come on time so she could not wait for him all day and needed to do some work, Manav says she should have at least kept her phone switched on, Akanksha says it was on silent and he called her so many times, Manav replies he got worried thinking she might do something wrong because of that Bungalow. He ends the call as Khushal jee came into his office.


Karan asks Akanksha why did she not tell the truth, she replies that he ended the call before she could say anything and even then she is not doing anything wrong, she must for now think how to get in the office of Vibhav Kapoor, she sees that Mr Soud has come for his appointment with Mr Kapoor, she follows him when the receptionist tries to stop her however Akanksha exclaims they are getting late for the meeting, she after entering the office apologizes to Mr Kapoor for coming without any appointment, Vibhav tries to ignore her and talk with Mr soud but his smart watch starts beeping, Mr Soud asks if he is fine as the watch is giving an alert, Vibhav replies that it is a stupid watch, he thinks he is trying to hide his raised heart beat while the watch is hell bent on showing it.

Vibhav asks Akanksha what she has to say, she asks if he remembers that they met three days ago and requests him to listen to her for five minutes, Vibhav asks Mr Soud if he doesnot mind giving him five minutes, Vibhav asks Ranay to show Mr Soud the conference room and also take care of him, Ranay doesnot move but leaves when he is once again ordered to. Vibhav thinks his Akanksha is not only beautiful but also smart.

Khushal jee asks if everything is fine between him and Bhabhi jee, Manav questions why he is worried so much, Khushal jee says that he is worried because of Manav, and explains that his wife doesnot take even a step out of the house without talking to him, Manav questions what does Khushal think as who are they to restrict any women to stay inside the house when they are the ones who give them birth, Khushal exclaims that everyone has their own thinking, he leaves asking Manav to complete the file of Chokse jee.


Vibhav asks Akanksha to sit down, asking what was so urgent that she could not wait, she replies she really appreciates that he left his meeting for her, Vibhav replies he knows she would have come to get a discount on one his properties, but Akanksha replies it is not the case, Vibhav exclaims this is really hurtful as he feels she has rejected him. Akanksha questions who can reject someone like him, Vibhav smiles.

Bublie is watching a show on her mobile while her mother in law is completing the chores, the battery on her mobile ends so she comes to the kitchen asking why did her mother ion law wash the dishes as she was just coming, her mother in law replies that she doesnot like such people who are lying, Bublie however assures she was just coming but now since the work is done she would put them on the shelf, but her mother in law replies that work is still incomplete and then reveals what can Bublie do, hearing this she feels tensed, exclaiming that Mummi jee has revealed a whole list, she even takes out the charger seeing which Bublie questions why did she take it out as the phone was just placed for charging, she replies that now the charger would be with her.
Akanksha replies she has not come for one of his flat but another property which he bought from Agarwal jee, Vaibhav acts as if he doesnot know mentioning that such small deals are handled by his team, Akanksha replies it would be a small deal for someone like him but for her is really important as she used to live there, she even talked with Mr Agarwal however he sold it to him first, Vibhav replies that he doesnot sell back anything which he once bought.

Manav is walking with Chokse jee, thanking him for all he has done for him, Chokse replies what is to worry as his loan would be approved within two days, Manav exclaims he would never forget what Chokse Chokse has done however replies that the world works on give and take, Manav can come to the party of Vibhav Kapoor, however Manav still refuses and leaves.


Akanksha once again requests Vibhav to sell her the bungalow, however he once again refuses, she gets tensed seeing this he asks if the bungalow is really important for her, she replies her father rented it for her and after he died they had to leave it but she wants to relive the memories, Vibhav explains even his father was forced to sell their house and when he got the wealth to buy it back the builder refused to sell it to him, he felt as if he would never be able to relive it again but would not do this to her, so for the first time he will sell her the house, Akanksha starts jumping in excitement.

Precap: Vibhav exclaims she has his contact but how would he know that she is dialling him, she exclaims she will call on his number. Akanksha explains to Manav that she met him three times and every time he felt like a good and disciplined person, Manav replies even he met him three times and every time he felt like a cheat and fraud, he even warns that they would not talk about that Bungalow since it is beyond their budget, Akanksha exclaims all her dreams are beyond his budget.

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