Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 17th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Jagannath feels sorry for Biren

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 17th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sachin greeting Jagannath. Jagannath asks him to get Kashi’s laptop and the rent. Sachin says I will get the laptop, but I have no money to pay the rent. Jagannath asks him to leave the room. Kashi says he is a student. Jagannath asks what do you study. Sachin says music. Jagannath says study some good subject that makes your career, go and get the laptop. Sachin says you go, I will get the laptop. Kashi says we will go, get it fast. Babu takes Purvi outside. Sachin stops them and pushes them inside. Jagannath turns to see. He sees Sachin fallen. Sachin says I stumbled, I will get the laptop, go. Jagannath leaves.


Sachin says you got saved, if my landlord has seen a girl in my room, then he would have made me out. Purvi scolds him. she says I m going away, forget me now, don’t talk to me. She leaves. Babu says she got mad, if she does something and write my name, then we will go to jail. He asks Purvi to listen to him. She refuses. He asks Purvi to come with him, he is serious about her. He asks her to sit on the bike. They leave.

Kashi types the application mail. Jagannath makes corrections. He gets Biren’s call. He goes home and asks Biren how did he lose his money. Biren says I m surprised, I updated the passbook in bank, someone has taken the money from my account. Jagannath says you have withdrawn it. Biren says I didn’t withdraw it, I don’t use the card. Kusum says its ATM card fraud, I read about it. Jagannath says you tell me, what did the bank people say. Biren says they asked me to inform the police, I told Rishi, he asked me to go to your house, he will come. Rishi comes and says I have filed a police complaint, give me the ATM card, we will block it. Biren says I don’t have it. Rishi gets angry on him. Kusum asks him to talk well with his dad. She scolds him and says you don’t realize your dad’s loneliness. Rishi argues with Biren. He praises his wife. He asks who bears your medical expenses. Jagannath says you don’t do any favor on your dad, he has fulfilled your every need all life, your dad gets the pension, he can live with respect, he doesn’t depend on anyone.

Babu signs some marriage registration form and asks Purvi to sign it, it’s a proof of love. Purvi goes. Babu gets angry. He asks the man to shut up and not anger him. Babu goes. The man says you won’t be able to handle things. Purvi recalls her family and cries. Babu asks why are you crying now, look at me. Purvi says I m missing my family. He says we will marry in a grand way one day, I will tell the world that you are mine, only one. He hugs her. He cheers her. A man comes and asks them to stop romancing. They laugh.


Biren says I did everything for my children, I couldn’t save money, I just fulfilled their needs. Kusum says don’t get disheartened. Jagannath and Kusum ask him to have food. Biren says no, I m done, I shall go now. Biren gets sad. Jagannath recalls Biren’s words. He says even I don’t want to have food. Kashi comes and shows some video. Kusum says that’s Mohit using Biren’s ATM card, he is Biren’s grandson. Kashi says yes, he is using his money. Jagannath sees the video and gets angry.

Jagannath asks Purvi to take her bag and leave. Purvi says I won’t go anywhere.

Update Credit to: Amena


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