Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Paragi decides to write the exam

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Paragi decides to write the exam

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 16th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Paragi telling Romi that Sanjay has started this scholarship progam for h Romi asks her to write the exam. She says there is no better way to apologize to Sanjay, than writing this exam. She asks her to talk to Papa and says he supports you always. Paragi ends the call. Chanda calls everyone to have food. She makes Paragi sit and says I have made food of your choice. Paragi thinks to talk to Papa after having food. Gulshan comes there and sits beside Paragi on the dining table. He starts eating. Chanda says you. Gulshan says he came to give good news and tells that their Pandit ji told that tomorrow’s mahurat is good, and that’s why Mummy has decided to get our engagement done tomorrow at 11 am. He says this is a good news and that’s why I came to give it. Shiva says no tailor will stitch even the blouse. Gulshan says if engagement don’t happen tomorrow, then Mummy will take tension and has decided that engagement will happen tomorrow. Parashar says listen to me. Chanda says we can’t refuse Samdhan ji’s words and says engagement will happen at 11 am. Paragi gets sad. Gulshan leaves. Parashar asks what did you do? Chanda says it is good to get the daughter married at the earliest and tells Shiva that they shall make the arrangements. Paragi throws the pamphlet and goes. Parashar picks it and reads. He asks her not to leave the exam for engagement.


Sanjay plays the musical instrument and thinks of her words. Sushma and her husband come there and see him angry. Sanjay says Paragi is not writing the test, as she is getting engaged tomorrow. Sushma asks if he is worried as she is getting engaged or as she is not writing the exam. He says how she can give up her dreams. Sushma asks him not to raise finger on her, without knowing the situation. He says it is not good to give up. Sushma says it is easy for society to judge the girl, but her lifev is not easy and it is like snake and ladder game. She says anyone’s courage can break, she might be helpless. He says give up shall not be an option. His father says you are worried and asks him to talk to him. Sushma tells Vinod that Sanjay is in love with Paragi. Vinod says that girl is getting engaged. Sushma says we shall find out if she also likes Sanjay. Romi calls Sanjay and asks him to help Paragi. He asks what to do, I can’t bring exam centre at home. Romi says even you want her to write the exam and asks him to help her.

Next day, Sanjay is outside and thinks Paragi shall write the test. Paragi comes on the scooter and is about to fall as the scooter slides. He runs and holds her. He asks if she is fine? Paragi apologizes for telling anything in anger. Sanjay says I can accept your apology, if you appear the entrance test. She says no. He holds her and asks why? As you are getting engaged today. He asks her to write the scholarship exam. He says I have seen passion and obsession in your eyes to become IAS officer and says I fought with my Chachu and talked about this test. He says you are intelligent and want to leave this test. He says I am sure you will figure out, how to clear all obstacles to become IAS and says I will help you. He says if you say yes, then I will tell you the plan. She asks what is the plan?

Chanda makes Paragi wear the necklace and praises her. Romi comes there and says this Taaj is remaining. Chanda asks what did you bring? Romi tells that this is a trend to use it to hide the face. Chanda asks her to take it back. Parashar says nobody will stop you today, Romi. Parashar says if Aditi’s mother in law gets upset then? Parashar says let them do what they want. Chanda says ok. Shiva goes with Chanda. Romi thanks Parashar. Paragi asks if I am doing wrong. Parashar asks her t use her concentration on the test. Paragi touches his feet and thanks him. He says he will handle outside. Romi changes her clothes and tells that she asked Abbu to buy same dress as her. She says I will sit for the engagement now. Paragi says if anyone comes to know. Ruhi says no marriage or engagement can happen in mahurat. Paragi says he will jump off from window and go to write the exam. Ruhi asks her to write the exam well. Paragi hugs her.


Precap: Paragi goes to write the exam. Gulshan pinches Romi and she gets up. Chanda catches Romi and asks where is Paragi. She comes to the exam centre to take Paragi and stops her.

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