Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Paragi faces hurdles to pursue her dreams

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 11th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditi praising the halwa made by his sister. Sanjay’s father asks how was the marriage? Sanjay says it was good. His father says we have good relation with Parashar, and we have grown eating his curd and milk. Pramod says yes. He says we were busy else would have come. Abhay says if you had come then would have seen the romance. Sanjay’s father asks what is the girl’s name? Sanjay says he says anything and asks Abhay to say, that there is nothing. Abhay says nothing. Sanjay’s father says ok agreed. They all look at Sanjay. Sanjay asks them to have breakfast and recalls meeting Paragi.


Chanda eats the batasa/sugar tablets and asks Atul to see what she can do. Atul says your sugar is increased and says it is poison for you. Her other son says I will throw it out. Chanda says this is my swear, I swear taking these batasa in my mouth, and says I will not let your papa snatch alliance of Aditi’s brother in law with Paragi. Shiva smiles.

Sanhay thinks of Paragi and Gulshan, while playing the musical equipment. The equipment breaks. His father comes and holds it, asking what happened to his focus. Sanjay says everything is fine. His father says I came to give UPSC latest books and asks him to say what is in his heart? Sanjay asks why the society behave badly with women. He says why do equality don’t bother us. His father says you are worried since yesterday and asks did anything happened yesterday. Sanjay tells about Paragi fighting with Aditi’s brother in law when he misbehaved with her. His father says if problems are in the society then there is also solution. He says there is two solution, bhaag lo (either run away) or bhaar lo (take the initiative). He says I know that my son will be good IAS officer, on whom everyone will feel proud. He gives him books and goes.

Chanda calls Aditi and asks if everything is fine. Aditi says yes, and tells that everyone is eager to get Paragi and Gulshan marry, and says she will become my competition here. Chanda says let them do what they want, and asks why samdhan ji haven’t given reply to my message. Aditi says may be she didn’t see and says she is very angry. Chanda asks did you wear the nighty sent by me. Aditi says I will wear it tonight. Chanda asks her to settle their well and ends the call.


Parashar asks Chanda if Aditi adjusted well in her sasuraal. Chanda says yes. Parashar says we will go tomorrow and refuse them. Chanda is having batasa in her mouth. He says your nautanki started again and says Paragi will not marry there, and will focus on her IAS exam, it is my swear.

Paragi and Romi come to Sanjay Excellence Institute for the entrance test. She thanks Sai Baba and asks him to give the weather to her wings. Sanjay comes there on his bike and gets down. Paragi gets inside with Romi. He sees Paragi there. A professor calls him Sanjay sir. Sanjay says why are you calling me sir, I am not owner, but owner’s smile. He thinks he is imagining her and smiles.

He goes past her and meets his friends. Paragi walks past him and stands in the queue. She hopes they give her some time, and says this is her last chance. Sanjay thinks if she joins this coaching centre and thinks he must be imagining her and thinks why she will come here. He goes. Paragi comes to the counter and asks for the time to pay the fees in part payment. The guy asks her to go and talk to Pramod Pathak.


Pramod tells his wife that Sanjay gave 11000 money to Parashar milk man’s daughter marriage and his father distributed 80000 worth books to the poor children. Paragi is coming there. Pramod says Bhai Saheb has no sense of business and even Sanjay and Abhay are becoming like him. His wife says we shall keep charity box for the charity. Paragi comes there and says good morning. She says she is Paragi Parashar and shows the education certificates. Pramod’s wife sees the file and says impressive. She says I am happy that you have chosen this coaching centre. Paragi thanks them and says she needs their help and says I can’t do full payment of fees, and can pay in installment. Pramod says sorry, we don’t accept part payment, and says thank you. Paragi asks for the help and says UPSC is my first and last dream. He says sorry, we can’t change our institute policy and asks her to go, says they can’t give wings to her dreams in charity. Paragi says please. Pramod’s wife says get out. Paragi gets teary eyes and takes back the file.

Precap: Paragi tries to study standing in the window, but she falls down. Everyone comes out. Sanjay helps her get up. Pramod blames her for stealing the education and insults her. Sanjay looks at Paragi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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