Imlie 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Tripathis Confronts Aditya

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Imlie shatters remembering Adi giving her divorce papers. She walks to a bridge park and complains her Seeta Maiya. Aryan concerned for her searches her. His aide informs her that she is at a bridge and sends her pic. She climbs fencing remembering her happier moments spent with Adi and tries to jump. Aryan reaches the spot, runs, and pulls her back. She falls down. He extends his hand and asks her to hold it and get up. He says he told her that falling is not bad but not getting up is bad, she became a coward and was trying to sacrifice life, her life is not so cheap to sacrifice for an ungrateful person. She shouts at him to stop and says nobody has a right to evaluate her life except her mother who gave her birth. She describes all the problems she faced in life and shouts she is not a coward to sacrifice her life for someone. He asks what is she doing here then. She says she came here to cry peacefully. He says she came here to succeed in life, but she is acting a coward here. She continues venting out her frustration on him. He makes her sit and says she shouldn’t wait for fate to make her life better, she can cry whole night and with the first ray of son, she shouldn’t feel weak again. She cries more vigorously looking at divorce paper while he stands aside.


Aparna questions Adi why he gave divorce papers to Imlie. Adi says Imlie gave him instead and he just signed and returned them back. Aparna says she cannot believe, why will Imlie do that. He confronts her why can’t she understand that Imlie is not the same and her son is not as bad as she thinks, Imlie found a new rich life partner and wants to stay with Aryan Rathod, hence she broke up with him.

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