Ghar Ek Mandir 20th December 2021 Written Episode Update Genda goes shopping with Siddhant Sinha

Ghar Ek Mandir 20th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Genda walks out go get her phone and sees it near Tulsi plant, picks it and leaves. Nisha hiding beside and says my work is done.
Kundan thinking about his wish that he wishes his Kids take over the shop and whole family lives together and how he had a reputation and has to sell the shop. Anuradha walks to him and asks what were you thinking, Kundan says all was so good in past, I had shop and reputation and used to get gifts for everyone and I lost everything, shop, reputation, I have become helpless, Anuradha says don’t think all this, all will be good. Genda outside their room hears Kundan and says I know Papaji you are upset with me but I will get you your reputation and shop back because you deserve it.


Genda and Varun reach shop, Genda says close your eyes I have a surprise for you. Genda opens shop doors and and asks Varun to open his eyes, Varun sees advertisement board and asks what is this, Genda explains him offer and why they can return in 7 days, Varun asks whats our benefit, Genda says we giving customers options and so they will come to our shop and I have put all this on social media and circulated brocher.

Other shop owners discourage Genda, Genda says I have faith in my business, Genda asks Varun does he trust her. Varun says I trust you the most here and so your idea.
Genda and Varun enter shop, Genda gets call from Siddhant, he says I’m sending you address come soon. Varun asks who it is, Genda says its my friend who os getting married, she needs help and leaves.

Nisha waiting to for Genda’s location and gets notification that Genda is leaving shop and says poor Genda and so stupid too, left her phone unattended, and now she will bear consequences.


Genda asks Siddhant why did he call her here. Siddhant says choose a classy beautiful dress for my lady VIP guests, and let me all see if you have any dressing sense come.
Nisha following Genda reaches shop.
Shop owner welcomes Siddhant, Siddhant asks Genda to choose, Nisha hiding and keeping an eye and says I knew something is cooking and so he is favouring her and Genda is in too much fun yesterday Varun and today Siddhant but how can I let you be happy and calls Manish to come join her for Shopping and get Varun too because he got you gifts yesterday and so today you get hik something.

Genda chooses a dress, Siddhant says good choice wear it for me. Genda says I don’t wear such clothes, Siddhant says so you are not doing my work, Genda says my job is to choose dress not wear it, I have choosen dress, rest is upto you. Siddhant says your job is to convince me and anyways for not listening to me you are going to loose your shop, so now its upto you.

Genda picks the dress and walks to fitting room.
Manish and Varun on their way to shopping, Varun says why are we shopping, Manish says Nisha wantsme to buy something for you, Varun says Genda is out too with friends and so can’t stay out longer because of shop


Nisha playing with lighter, shopkeeper says buy it, Nisha says I don’t have cigrattes, but I can take this to have some fun and buys lighter.

Nisha meets Varun and Manish and thinks Genda wouldn’t have thought to see us like this.
Siddhant asks Genda to come out quickly. Genda brings out mannequin in the dress and says see this is how the dress looks, so see here you go and if you still want to forcefully make me wear but you won’t do such cheap things. Siddhant says pack all such dresses.
Nisha thinks today Varun’s all trust will be gone. Genda drops a bag, Siddhant mocks her, Genda says you will pick this and throws other bags too. Siddhant says don’t leave we aren’t finished yet and Siddhant Sinha will help you and picks bags and leaves with Genda.

Varun and Nisha stop because Nisha’s pallu gets caught in wheelchair and they see Genda coming out of shop with Siddhant.


Pre cap: Genda and Varun at hospital for check up, Genda asks all good.

Varun asks doctor to hide truth from Genda that he is fine. Doctor says don’t lie she is your wife.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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