Ghar Ek Mandir 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update Genda saves Nisha from being exposed

Ghar Ek Mandir 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update Genda saves Nisha from being exposed

Ghar Ek Mandir 16th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun says Nisha bhabhi stole the necklace, I knew she was behind this, today I will reveal her true face but first I have to go to shop with necklace.
Varun takes necklace from cupboard and finds Nisha has locked door and also Varun has forgotten his phone in his room, he calls Anuradha and Kundan for help but no one listens.
Genda keeps trying Varun, customer walks in. Genda asks ger to take a seat, Customer says I spoke Varun on call and he said design is ready and so I came, Genda asks when did you speak to Varun, she says half n hour back, Genda gets worried for Varun and about necklace.


Genda thinks she has to apologise and return money there is mo way and prays to Maharaji. A man walks in with necklace with letter in it, from Siddhant. Genda smirks and says Siddhant did give up. Nisha walks in and shocked to sew necklace in Genda’s hand. Genda says bhabhi look Siddhant return necklace and I also had threatened him and he agreed look. Nisha gets confused how Siddhant returned necklace.
Varun thinking about what Genda must be doing, and tries to open door pushing his wheel chair, Shivam hears the noise and asks Varun uncle is it you inside, Varun says open door please Shivam, Shivam says Mummy has locked door and taken keys with her but don’t worry there is one extra key in table drawer, Varun finds the key and pushes it under the door to Shivam.

Shivam takes keys and opens the door. Varun hugs him and thanks him.
Genda hands first delivery to customer, customer praises Genda for taking care of shop and house and pays her money. Nisha confused thinking what all us happening. Genda turns around and sees Nisha has left.

Varun calls Genda and says it’s important, Genda asks where were you and tells what happened in shop. Varun confused. Genda says I warned Siddhant not to mess with us and so he returned the necklace, he got scared and we got payment too. Varun says how is this possible, necklace Nisha bhabhi had stolen. Genda asks what do you mean, Varun tells her how he found about Nisha. Genda says I’m not understanding anything, what was Siddhant doing with same design, Varun says I won’t let Nisha get away with it.


Genda gets worried about Nisha and says if she has done it how did Siddhant have necklace.
Manish walks in, Shivam asks him for choclate. Kundan playing with Shivam, Nisha walks in, Kundan asks where did you go, did you go to shop as well, Manish says yes Nisha where were you this late. Varun says I will tell her where she was. Nisha sees necklace on Varun’s lap and thinks looks like he found about it what will I do now.

Varun says I have a bad truth for you all, Anuradha asks what is it, Varun says I found the necklace we were looking for and who the thief is. Genda walks in, Shivam rushes to her and asks did she get chocolate, Genda says she will gey it tomorrow, Shivam gets angry and leaves. Kundan asks who stole tell me. Genda says Siddhant Sinha, Varun surprised. Genda says Papaji was right Siddhant is behind all thi, Kundan says we all knew this, you must be shattered because you couldn’t deliver in time. Genda says we did deliver in time and looks at Nisha, and whatever may happen however bad, God always supports good.

Genda hands money to Kundan and says your kids first payment and we should give it to parents, it makes them happy, Kundan says this is my house and I don’t need her money, tell her Anuradha, also I won’t touch money earned by women. Varun thinks why did Genda lie.


Pre cap: Genda asks Nisha why did she do this and if she repeats this again, she won’t spare her.
Genda hands necklace to Siddhant. Nisha sees her and purposely feeds Varun’s brains to disturb his and Genda’s relation.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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