Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Ishaan and Pakhi get engaged

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pakhi and Ishaan are freezing. Ishaan says I only know one thing. He makes a heart on her finger. Agastya comes out. He shouts Pakhi.. Ishaan says will you marry me? Pakhi says yes. She hugs him. They’re fainting. Agastya tries to fix the temperature machine. Pakhi is fainting. Ishaan rubs her face. Ishaan hugs her. Agastya tries to fix temperature control. Ishaan says Pakhi open your eyes.. She faints. Agastya breaks the door and comes in. He takes Pakhi out. Ward boys take Ishaan out too.


Scene 2
Pakhi is being treated. Ishaan says she’s better. Agastya says Pakhi keep lying. She says I am fine. Ishaan says how did we get locked there? But what are you doing here Agastya? He says I came to meet Pakhi. Wardboy told me she went there. Ishaan says in the same day you saved me and my life. But I am glad you got a bit later otherwise that won’t have happened. You won’t change decision right? Pakhi says no. AGastya says what decision? Ishaan says I proposed your friend to get married to me. Agastya says what did you say Pakhi? Ishaan says yes of course. He says I am stuck with a girl forever. I am so scared. Pakhi oversmart, I am stuck with you. Agastya says yes you’re stuck. He laughs. Ishaan says I need to make a call. He goes out.

Scene 2
Agastya drops Pakhi home. She says you aren’t happy right? Agastay stops the car. He bring Pakhi out. Pakhi says what happened? He shoves her. He breaks things and says can you fix it? He fooled you once. He can do it again. Pakhi says I know you’re upset. I know you care for me. But my heart says I did right. He’s right for me. I was in a situation I was dying, but I wasn’t scared of death. He was with me. I said goodbye to you and family. I knew Ishaan would be with me too in death too. That’s when I told him we will always be together. It felt right. I accept all the challenges our love will bring. I can even walk on these nails. She walks towards the nails. Agastay runs and puts his hand on the nails. Pakhi says what did you do? What exam are you giving? It’s my love. He says it’s my exam. Pakhi says I can’t go away from Ishaan. These are all Universe’s signs? He says your happiness is mine. Pakhi hugs him and says thank you. She says how will I handle everything? He says I will don’t worry.

Pakhi comes home. Her family is shocked. Her mom asks does he drink? What does he do? Agastya says he’s a nice guy. I know him. Pakhi’s mom says if Agastya is saying he’s good he must be. Let’s call him for lunch tomorrow.


Scene 3
Ishaan comes to Pakhi’s home. They all meet him. Ishaan’s dad is there too. Ishaan’s dad gives them sweets. Chacha coughs and says something is wrong with it. there’s an insect in it. Ishaan says sorry uncle. Agastya says it happens with big chains. Ishaan’s dad says sorry. Pakhi says don’t worry uncle, it’s okay. Agastya says we just have to see how good Ishaan is. His heart is so big, he had so many girls in his heart. He drinks a bit of cocktail. He manages finances so well. Instead of giving Pakhi an engagement ring he made a heart on her finger with a marker. Pakhi says stop joking dodo. Agastya says I was joking. Ishaan says don’t worry Agastya I will bring real ring in the engagement ceremony.

Pandit ji checks the kundlis and says their wedding can have some problems. They don’t match. Ishaan says there must some solution? I love Pakhi a lot. Agastya says don’t worry, in 2022 we choose the date ourselves. He says put hand on a date. Ishaan puts hand on 5 days later. Agastya says it’s done. They will get married in 5 days. Their dads hug. Pakhi says how will we prepare in 5 days? Agastya says I will handle everything. Don’t worry. I will sort everything for you. In 5 days, Pakhi will be married. I have to decide for Ishaan’s bachelors. Ishaan says that’s not needed. He holds Pakhi’s hand and says you’re officially mine. Agastya hits his hand. Pakhi says are you okay? He says I am fine. Pakhi holds his hand to see. Ishaan looks at him.

Scene 4
At night, Agastya looks at his dolls and says Pakhi let’s do this too. Get married, you will realize your mistake. I give you both a chance to get married. But looks like you’re gonna kill your husband. He killed Ishaan? He was a good man. He’s paying for you mistake. This wedding will be remembered forever. Bye doctor sahab. He laughs.


Scene 5
Agastya gets workers and Pakhi’s place. He says they will do all the decoration.
Pakhi calls Ishaan and says it’s not looking nice. I wont’look nice on mayoon. I won’t pretty in it. Agastya takes and tears it. Ishaan is shocked. Pakhi says dodo… He says if your choice is wrong then fix your mistake. Ishaan gets awkward. He hangs up. Agastya says here are all designer dresses. He says uncle you have to come to bachelor’s party too. 1

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba


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