Fan Launched Sonu Sood Ambulance service, Sonu Sood Reaction

(Photo courtesy Twitter @ sri50)
New Delhi: When there was a nationwide lockdown due to the Corona epidemic, the Bollywood actor Sonu Sood Publicly aided migrant workers.
During the lockdown, he brought home many of those stranded in other states. Not only this, Sonu Sood is helping people through Twitter.
One of the fans said “This will be spread across states of #Andhra and #Telangana to help the needy patients who can’t afford medical facilities. Well done @SonuSood 
Sonu Sood has given him a new identity across the country. According to media reports, ambulance service has now been launched in Hyderabad under the name Sonu Sood, dubbed ‘Sonu Sood Ambulance Service’.

In fact, a man named Shiva from Hyderabad bought the ambulance and was so inspired by the work done by Sonu Sood that he named the ambulance after the actor.

By the way, Lord Shiva is also known in Hyderabad for his selfless service to the people.
He is a professional swimmer and so far he has saved more than 100 lives by drowning.
Seeing Lord Shiva’s selfless service, people started giving him money in Dharma and with the same money, Lord Shiva bought an ambulance and named Sonu Sood.

Sonu Sood himself came there for the ambulance inauguration and he was very proud. Sonu, who came for the ambulance inauguration, said, “All the work that Lord Shiva has done so far is commendable and I am proud to have come for the ambulance inauguration. He said that this country needs people like Shiva. 

Fans are very happy to see these kinds of images of love towards Sonu Sood across the country. “What you give come back to you“.

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