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The Episode starts with a lady coming to the hospital. She is in an emergency state and faints down. The staff attends her. Deepika talks to Chakravorty. He asks the emergency ward plans. She says sometimes we have to rebel to bring a change. Abhay looks on. Deepika instructs the team. He says you told chief about the revolution, I also want to become a part of that. Deepika says okay, come. Abhay says I understand, you want to do good for the hospital. Deepika says I know, you want the same, its not bad to ask for help when needed. Abhay says we can achieve the functional emergency ward by convincing the staff to work there. Deepika says I will talk to nursing staff. Ansari talks to the female patient. He says nurses are busy, I will come with a female doctor.


He asks Sia to help him. He requests her. She goes. Peroz is with Dr. Ali. Sia checks the lady patient. Sia and the lady gossip. Ansari says I have no idea of this. Ansari says Sia became doctor by mistake. Sia says not everyone is boring like you. Ansari says charming. Sia suggests the tests. She goes to meet Abhay. He tells about Deepika’s revolutionary plan. She tells about some big personality account. He asks is Deepika the Krantijeevi. She asks what, don’t lose focus on your career. Malvi tai asks Deepika to focus on her job, Jamshed doesn’t like her. Abhay says Deepika is sounding right, I m with her, are you with me. Sia asks in this mission or life. Abhay says you sign this pledge, that you will work for 10 hours for the emergency ward. She says no way, 48 hours per week is set for the doctors for their efficiency, don’t do this stupidity. The lady Varsha asks is Abhay Sia’s BF. Ansari says yes, they have good friendship, but not love. He talks about love. Varsha praises him. Deepika talks to Dr. Khanna and Dr. Mahadik. They say our emergency dept can’t become world class. Deepika explains the facts to them. She says if we dedicate some 10-12 hours to the needy people in the emergency ward, then we can help many, if you sign this pledge, then all the doctors will agree. Ansari and Sia discuss Varsha’s case. He asks her to take Varsha for the tests, she wanted the rights after all. She goes. Abhay asks Ansari for a favor. He asks Ansari to talk to the ward boys. Ansari says this ward can’t be built, forget it, tell me if Deepika does something, then I will talk to the staff. Peroz says world doesn’t run on your thinking, I have signed this pledge. Ansari claps. Abhay asks are you ready to sign. Ansari signs. Abhay goes to Deepika and says more than half of the junior residents agreed. She says Khanna and Mahadik had signed the pledge, Malvi tai will talk to nurse union, she will convince them. He says that’s great. Jenny comes and says Jamshed is calling you right away.

Sia and Ansari explain the liver surgery to Varsha. Varsha says my husband went away, can we wait for him, he will come tomorrow. Sia says fine, I will schedule the surgery for tomorrow. Deepika meets Jamshed and asks did you call me. Jamshed says yes, I had you are running some signature campaign in the hospital. Deepika says hospital can’t afford the new doctors, I was talking to existing doctors to donate some hours. He says you didn’t take my permission. He asks Chakravorty did he know this. Chakravorty says yes. She says he didn’t know this. Jamshed says you are lucky, these people came to me with complains, they want a high pay, senior doctors want a confirmation, their private practice will be at loss, they will ask management to compensate the loss, you would be ready to sacrifice your salary, but it will be too less. Abhay hears them. The doctors refuse to donate their working hours. Jamshed asks Chakravorty to see his student. Chakravorty asks her to stop the campaign, her way is wrong. Dr. Ali says I m working since 24 hours, I m thinking to take a power nap, can you handle here, don’t wake me up unless someone is dying. Peroz says its ICU, such situation can arise anytime. Dr. Ali asks him to sign some forms. Peroz asks what, the death certificates of the ICU patients. Dr. Ali says yes, we should be ready, many patients die as you said. Peroz argues with him. Dr. Ali says its your lucky day if all the patients get saved. Peroz tears all the papers. Abhay stops Deepika and asks what did Jamshed say. She says he ordered to stop this campaign, he has a problem with our ways. Abhay says we will try some other way. She says no, I don’t want people to question its motive. He says we don’t need to clarify to anyone, you can give up if you want. She says I m asking you to wait for the right time. He goes. A lady comes in the emergency state. The staff tries hard to save her. The lady dies until Khanna comes. Khanna finds them scared. He asks them to go home and take a week off. He goes and calls Jamshed.

Raman cries. Abhay asks what happened. He goes to Deepika and says Mrs. Sinha and her child would have got saved if we had an emergency dept, we should talk about the case. She says I can’t use this case to prove my point. He says fine, you stay quiet by the fear. Abhay goes and argues with Sia. Varsha says sorry, I overheard the argument. Sia says its okay, Abhay is like Krantijeevi, its a social media handle, they raise voice against the right. Varsha asks what wrong is happening here. Sia says doctors can’t do much of the system, anyways, its your surgery today.


Deepika says Chakravorty, that lady died, would you ask me to stop this emergency plan ward. He says calm down, you have to understand the politics first, hospitals avoid emergency cases to avoid complications, its police cases, let this get calm, then I will talk to committee, Jamshed is handling it, you keep some patience. She says I don’t understand you sometimes. He says I know to get the work done, trust me, stay away from Jamshed, that’s the best. Jamshed apologizes to Mr. Singh that he couldn’t save his wife. He asks was this an accident or something else. Mr. Singh says just an accident. Jamshed says we have to file a police report, I wanted to meet you and inform you, you lost your wife, you would be in shock. Mr. Singh asks is this necessary to file a report, I have two daughters, will I handle them or meet the police, I expect humanity from you. Jamshed says I understand, it was an accident, I will see on my level, this matter should be just between us. Mr. Singh says thanks, done. Jamshed says you can take your wife’s body home.

Abhay sees Mrs. Singh’s daughters crying. He consoles them. Sia comes and asks him to see the latest post of Krantijeevi. She says I told this exact thing to Varsha. Abhay asks is Varsha Krantijeevi. Sia says I m scared. He says stay away from her, I will talk to her. He says you hide your Krantijeevi face well. Varsha says I always wanted to become a journalist, I can raise my voice on imp things. He asks will you help me in bringing out a truth. Everyone sees the news. Mr. Singh hears the news and says it means, she carried my son. Abhay says I gave this info to Krantijeevi. Deepika says you know what will happen now, our hospital is questioned, Jamshed is doubting me. He says I will tell him the truth. She says I don’t care, I m worried about the consequences, did you take permission from Singh family, you used that news for your agenda. He says this was your agenda, you wanted to bring a revolution, change will happen. Mr. Singh goes to Jamshed and says you killed my baby, tell me, who was the doctor. Ansari and Chakravorty stop Mr. Singh. Singh pushes Chakravorty. Singh gets violent.

Singh and goons get after Deepika. Abhay asks her to run. They enter a lift and attend the patient on the stretcher.


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