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The Episode starts with Abhay sitting with Girija. Sia comes there. She asks him to go and rest, she is with Aai. He says I m not getting sleep, I will start the shift, its better to stay busy, thanks Sia. They hug. He goes out. Everyone smiles seeing him and claps. Abhay asks what’s all this. Ansari says I knew it, you have courage. Abhay asks what did I do. Ansari says you will be doing it, see the poster. Abhay asks what, they had put me with Dr. Mahadik. Ansari asks why did you trouble Deepika, not bear this. Abhay goes and collides with Malvi tai. He goes to Deepika. He says sorry, I will wait outside. He hears a patient’s breathing sound. He sees the boy and checks him. The boy laughs. Abhay says you are having fun, this isn’t funny. The boy asks will you complain to my mumma and get me punished. Abhay asks him to say sorry once. The boy says sorry. Deepika talks to the boy Sushil. She goes to check him. He says I get hurt on my bums when I sit or go to the washroom. Deepika says I will press your stomach a bit and check.


His mum gets Vikas’ call. She disconnects. He asks her not to worry, he won’t say anything to dad. Deepika says I have to do Sushil’s tests. Vikas calls Suhasini again. She goes out and answers. She says I m not at office, I will call you back. Deepika suggests some tests. Abhay waits outside. Sundar comes and imitates him. Abhay smiles and asks what’s your name. Sushil says Sundar. Abhay asks why did you come here, I have to question such naughty kids. Sundar says my bro is ill, I m waiting for him. Abhay says I m waiting for that lady monster, sorry, don’t complain about me. Sundar asks him to say sorry. Abhay says sorry. Abhay asks Deepika about teaming him with Mahadik. She asks him to go, its too late. Mahadik scolds him for coming one min late and calls him garbage. He says you aren’t punctual, you aren’t efficient, this is a chance for you to redeem, I have prepared this questionaire, you will go to all the patients and get the details, you doctors want to run the tests, you can do diagnosis by following the case history, come on move, you already wasted 4 mins, I m coming to OPT. Abhay says yes.

Deepika says this is endoscopy capsule, it has a camera in it, it will capture your selfie inside the body. Sundar asks to show. Deepika asks Sushil to have it. Peroz gets the reports. Suhasini aks is there any problem. Vikas comes and asks what happened to Sushil, why aren’t you answering my calls. The kids get worried. Deepika asks can you just relax. Sushil says I was in pain, she was busy with me. Vikas says you taught them to lie. Deepika asks them to go out. She discusses the case with Peroz. Vikas and Suhasini argue.

She says you asked me not to call you after divorce. He says my kids needs me, you had left me. Deepika says we have to admit Sushil, we don’t know what happened to him, we have to run the tests. Vikas asks what, I will take him to my friend’s hospital. Deepika says any doctor will ask you for the same tests, he is in pain. Vikas asks Sushil to come. Sundar pushes him. Vikas scolds him. Sundar runs away. Vikas says I will take you with me, don’t worry. Sushil cries and says I want to be with mummy. Suhasini asks Deepika to admit Sushil. Deepika checks Girija. Girija says my son Abhay is a junior resident. Deepika says he works with us. Sia says I will call Abhay. Girija says Abhay feeds me the medicines on time, but I trick him and throw the medicines. Sia says I will complain about you to Abhay. Girija says so you are the girl with whom he was flirting on call, Abhay thinks I m sleeping, but I hear everything. Deepika says its their age to do flirting. Girija says its your age also. Deepika says I don’t have time, I have many patients to look after, that’s my romance, take medicines on time. She asks Sia to do a night shift. Sia says I have done night shifts all the week. Girija says a doctor’s work is of day and night. She asks Deepika to make Sia strong. Sia says I know, but I tell Abhay that its imp to balance work and life, one should enjoy life. She goes. Deepika says don’t be strict. Girija says its imp, a woman should become strict, Abhay has seen how I raised him alone, he wants to become the best heart surgeon, so he works day and night, his GF should also work hard like him, how will they get along well, this work life balance is for the rich, hardwork suits the middle class.


Abhay catches Sundar again. Sundar dances. Jenny says he is a naughty boy. She asks Abhay to hurry up and fill forms. Sia comes. He asks how is Aai. Sia says she is fine, she remembers that you were flirting with me on call. He smiles. Peroz talks to Sushil. They play a game. Deepika comes. Deepika says there are high chances of celiac disease. Vikas and Suhasini come to ask. She says Sushil has a celiac disease, he is allergic, and also he has a stone in the gall bladder. Sundar comes. Suhasini helps him with the asthma pump. She says he has asthma. She sends Sundar outside. Sushil gets dizzy. Vikas asks what happened to him. Deepika asks them to wait outside.

Abhay says there are few days when Aai remembers everything. Sia says she doesn’t like me. Abhay asks her to fill the patient history fills, he will meet Aai and come. Ansari says Dr. Mahadik, Abhay is leaving. Mahadik says ridiculous…. He goes. Sia and Ansari get Deepika’s message. Ansari jokes on Abhay and goes. Deepika tells them about Sushil’s case. She says we are missing something, I want your help, think, do research, talk to those who can help you, whoever cracks this case will get the first solo surgery. Sia asks can we involve Abhay. Deepika asks her to focus on the case, Sushil needs them, all the best. Chakravorty says I will propose to the board about the revamp of the emergency department, can you make a ppt and give it to me. Deepika says done, it will help the patients a lot. He says I want the ppt by morning. She says I m dealing with a complicated case. He says I need it by morning. Peroz comes and says Sushil is complaining of abdominal cramps. She asks them to shift Sushil. Suhasini says you are my superman, nothing will happen to you. Sushil says yes, this doctor aunty will not let anything happen to me. Deepika says we have to move now.

Suhasini cries. Sundar hugs her. Vikas blames her. She says nothing will happen to Sushil. Sushil says I m really scared, don’t tell mumma. Deepika says its okay, superman also gets scared, I m your doctor, I m not scared, I will fight with your disease, relax. Abhay asks Jenny to fill forms. He says I will go and meet Aai, please. He goes. Abhay sees Sundar and says same prank again. He goes. Deepika sees Sundar and shouts. Abhay runs to see. Sundar’s mouth bleeds. Deepika scolds Abhay and rushes Sundar to the PICU. She checks Sundar’s reports. Vikas asks how did Sundar faint, what happened. Sia asks them to say Sundar’s medical history. Suhasini says he has asthma like Sushil. Sia asks did he complain about abdominal pain. Suhasini says go. Sia goes.


Abhay asks how is Sundar, I should have understood he is not fine, I was going to meet my mum, really sorry, I want to assist in Sundar and Sushil’s case. Suhasini talks on call and says I can’t come to office today. Deepika looks on. Suhasini says its all my mistake, I forgot a mum’s responsibility, Vikas is saying right. Deepika says you are blaming yourself a lot, when something happens to children, mother blames herself, your kids are lovely, we won’t let anything happen to them, they will be fine, don’t worry. Suhasini goes.

Deepika thinks of her mum’s words. She says mum felt bad that I have a BF, Vikrant I want to make her feel proud, but she is ashamed, we will have a breakup. Vikrant says every parents say the same on knowing about the girl’s BF, tell them that I m from a good family, tell them, my dad is a judge, I will become the best surgeon, we are from same caste, they can’t find a better alliance, make me talk to them, they won’t be ashamed, they will be proud of you. She nods. FB ends. Deepika goes to check the kids. Ansari gets the reports of Sushil. Deepika says prepare for the emergency surgery. Sushil coughs blood. Abhay gets Malvi Tai’s call. She says your Aai wants to meet you. Abhay smiles. He sees the patients and says I can’t come now, I will come after the duty.

Ansari says Sundar got conscious, he isn’t breathing well. Deepika asks him to start the antibodies, can he handle alone. Ansari says yes, if anyone comes along. She says good, you didn’t have ego, Sia go along with him, keep Sundar alive until I complete Sushil’s surgery, Peroz and I will save Sushil. Ansari and Sia attend Sundar. They argue. Ansari says I will go and talk to his parents. Sia says I will go. She goes. She says Sundar is stable now, his condition is better. Suhasini asks how is Sushil. Sia says surgery is still on. Vikas says I want to meet Sundar, what’s the problem. Sia says I have to take Deepika’s permission for that, you can meet both the kids after the surgery. Sushil thanks Deepika and calls her a superwoman. She says I told you, you will be fine. He coughs again and says I m much scared, its paining a lot, you said you will make me fine. She says yes, just relax. Sushil faints. Sia asks shall I call his parents. Deepika says yes, fast. Peroz sees the heartbeat going flat and asks Deepika to see. Deepika tries hard to revive Sushil. She gets tensed.


Deepika says sorry, we couldn’t save Sushil. Deepika discusses Sundar’s case. Vikas argues with her. Sundar hides somewhere.

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