Coolie No.1 New Hindi Movie|Varun Dhawan MOVIE REVIEW


Coolie No.1 New Hindi Movie Review: The question now is whether the OTT people are aware of what movies they are taking .. why they are taking them.

After watching the movie Coolie No. 1 directed by David Dhawan, OTTwalis need to build lemon chili on their platforms. Some movies are better than those that came in those days.

Remaking them is actually stupid. Or if he is stubborn enough to remake, his story is expected to change with the changing times. The change is in line with today’s times.


But without doing so, it is ridiculous to remake a movie just for the sake of humor and for the love of a hit movie that you have done a long time ago. Besides, such pictures become the subject of jokes. Also Coolie has become No. 1.

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In fact, the movie Coolie No. 1 was originally released in 1995. David Dhawan and Govinda were in solid form at the time. No. 1 was just a series of hits. The coolie number 1. David Dhawan remade Judwa. People responded to him. After that, David Dhawan’s confidence increased and he started doing Coolie No.1. It is obvious that Varun Dhawan will be in this movie. While Varun Dhawan, Sara Ali Khan, Paresh Rawal, Javed Jaffrey, Rajpal Yadav are all-star casts, the old story and its bogus screenplay make this coolie number one but his number has finally become number one. Very rare incidents. His very shallow dialogues and Varun Dhawan’s monkey jokes in it have made the movie awaited.


Suddenly, a picture of a beautiful girl falls on the chest of the hero who is a porter at the railway station and he decides to marry this girl. Yakami is a pundit who helps him.

The pundit’s goal is to make the same girl marry the hero and make her father proud. That’s where the story begins. Then the protagonist starts bringing new costumes to impress the heroine.

Forgetting these disguises, the girl’s father gives his daughter Sara’s hand to the disguised protagonist and then the father’s eye falls on the coolie protagonist and this horrible comedy-drama takes shape in the mood of handling both disguises.


The movie is full of bogus scripts and funny incidents and dialogues. In this movie, the action scene where the protagonist Raju runs from the train and saves the child has already become a joke. Moreover, after Raju goes to Sara’s room before the wedding, Paresh Rawal starts to feel very poor when Sara’s father gives her yoga lessons.

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Raju goes to her room to propose to Sara and Sara understands and takes her sister’s hand. The incident has become like copying and pasting from Three Idiots. After watching this scene, it is time to put your hands on your chest and say ‘All is well’.


If you say songs from movies, then your sister-in-law is standing .. This song makes you keep pace. But then ‘Main to Raste Se Ja Raha Tha’, ‘Winter ka Mausam hai Bhai’ .. these songs have become very ugly. In fact, the original rhythm of the song ‘Main To Raste Se ..’ was solid. That song was also a hit. But in this new movie, it seems that there is something more to be wanted in this remake song.

The most important thing is that the limitations of Varun Dhawan’s acting are revealed in this movie. Although he is handsome in appearance, he does not have the innocence required for a porter. Of course, since this movie is a remake of Govinda’s Coolie No. 1, it is inevitable to compare it with Govinda step by step. (That’s how it was with Salman during the twins.) Here, however, Govinda bets. Simple, straightforward natural acting was the success of the old coolie. Here Varun has made it more of a drama. It is waiting for the porter.

David Dhawan is adamant about showing his son in various roles on screen. While playing the role of Raju Coolie, Varun has been given the voices of Mithun, Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjeev Kumar, Salman Khan and many more in this movie. Therefore, a bunch of rags has become like this. The film also stars Johnny Lever, Sahil Ved and Shikha Talsania. Even their roles have crept in unnecessarily.


Not a long time to watch this movie. Other than that, there have been some good movies on OTT. This instinct of Varun and David is a cure for the demons. Your further wishes. This movie is getting a star in Picture Bicker.


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