Choti Sardarni 11th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Khushi leaves the house

Choti Sardarni 11th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher asks Dolly how is Prince? She says he’s sleeping. Rana says we should do something for him. Bitu says let’s cook for him. Kulwant says let’s take him out. Harleen says to Param I wanted the best for you. I am sorry. I didn’t plan this. I am sorry. He says don’t say this bua. Seher says we all solve this situation. We have to convince Khushi to accept the truth. We have to tell Prince the truth too. Harleen says he won’t be able to tolerate it. seher says we will covince him with love. Harleen says Khushi will never accept the truth. Seher hugs Harleen. Harleen cries. Harleen says please let it be. Prince considers Raj his dad. Param says no. there won’t be anymore lies. No more trouble on Raj and Seher. We can’t do this. Prince has to know the truth. Harleen sits down and cries. They pick her. Kulwant says if we lie to him, he will see Seher and Raj together. He will be hurt tomorrow. Harleen says I don’t wanna see my prince cry. She hugs Seher and cries. Seher asys please bua. Don’t worry. He won’t be hurt. He deserves to know the truth. We will prepare him. Kulwant gives her water.


Seher and Rajveer come to Khushi. Khushi hugs Raj. She says Prince really needs you around him. And so do I. Seher removes her hand. Seher says we have to talk to you. It happened with Prince because he’s heard the truth. we all have decided to tell Prince Raj isn’t his dad. Khushi breaks vase in anger and says shut up. Avinash isn’t Prince’s dad. Prince wakes up in the other room. Raj is Prince’s dad.

Prince walks out of his room. Karan picks him. He says seher took my dad. Param says he’s here with us. Karan says he will play with you in dreams. Prince says I should sleep then. Khushi shouts Raj is Prince’s dad. I don’t accept Avinash as Prince’s dad. Seher says you lived that lie and made him a lie too. How can you do that to Prince. Rajveer says my love and life is Seher only. I love Seher and will always do. Till my last breath. Khushi faints. Seher holds her. Khushi shoves her and says stop this drama. I don’t want your fake sympathy. Seher says I am your sister. But lying to him will ruin his life. We will do what’s good for him. I am with you. I will help you tell him the truth that Raj isn’t his dad. Khushi says you know how to manipulate people. Don’t say anything wrong to Prince. Go from here. She shoves everyone out. Dolly says Prince will be so hurt. Rana says kids get over easily. Seher says yes. We will consult a child psychologist too. We will tell him slowly. Khushi cries and says Raj is mine. You’ve fooled everyone Seher.

Scene 2
Harleen looks for Khushi. Prince says we are playing hide and seek. Mama is hidden. Harleen looks for Khushi. Seher calls her. Dolly says she’s nowhere. Karan asks Prince. He says I don’t know. They all look for him. Prince says daddy see I found this letter under the sofa. Rajveer reads it play the video son. K mama. He says play my video. Prince plays the video. Khushi says in video Prince I love you a lot. But for some reason your K mama has to go far away from you. When K mama isn’t with you, there’s someone who will always be there for you. Always care for you. Who will love you a lot. It’s your dad Rajveer. He will love you a lot. Your K mama will go away. No one can take your dad away from you. I love my son. Everyone cries. Prince cries. Khushi calls Seher. Seher di.. Khushi says I gave birth to Prince because he was Raj’s son. If you don’t wanna leave raj then you can’t leave Prince too. If Raj isn’t mine, Prince isn’t mine either. You will take care of Prince. Seher calls her, her phone is off. Prince says mama come back. Prince says when mama was there, daddy wasn’t and now dad is here mama isn’t. Won’t she ever come back? I need her. I am a kid. He hugs Rajveer and says daddy bring K mama back. I’ve to find her. Go please. Everyone cries. Kulwant asks Bitu adn rana to look for her. Rajveer hugs Prince.


Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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