Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 20th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Chiku gets punished

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 20th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the teacher asking Chiku who asked her to do this, just tell her who is troubling her. She says students can’t bully each other, they will get punished. Chiku sees Mini. The kids get punished. They scold Chiku. Chiku cries and goes. Mini says this will happen with you everyday, leave the school and go to boarding. The peon catches Chiku. Chiku asks him to leave her. She asks Mini to run away. She breaks the thread. Mini thinks let that man take Chiku, Hira would have come to catch her, I will stay there as Nupur’s daughter. Nupur comes to pick her. She asks is everything fine, where is Chiku, how did this thread break. Mini says she broke this thread and ran away. Chiku bites the man’s hand and runs to Nupur.


Nupur asks her did you break the thread. Chiku says yes. Nupur scolds her a lot for breaking her trust. She says I will not talk to you now. Mini complains about her. Chiku says Mini is lying, I didn’t say that. Nupur gets angry. Mini does a drama. She says Chiku said we can never become friends. Chiku says trust me, I had to lie this thread, that man… Nupur asks who. Chiku says that man who was catching us. She thinks of not telling her. Mini thinks you can’t tell the truth. She says she is lying. Nupur cries and says I trusted you more than Payal, don’t talk to me. They leave for home. Kamini is with her friend. Her friend provokes her. She shows Chiku’s school video. She says this girl was acting like a dog, your family will lose its name. Kamin gets angry. Aai and Milind ask Mini and Chiku about their first day. Chiku says it was good. He asks how did the thread break. Mini says she broke the thread. Nupur says its my mistake to bound them, they have no relation. She feeds Mini by her hands. Mini asks her not to go to Chiku now. Nupur says I m not going anywhere. The lady sees Chiku and scolds her a lot. Chiku says I already told you sorry. Kamini says we are getting insulted because of you. She asks Aai to ask Chiku, she is misbehaving with Riya. Nupur says I will talk to her. Kamini says you have no idea, what she did in the school. Milind asks what happened. Kamini asks him to see the video.

Nupur gets shocked seeing the video. Kamini says I told you not to get Chiku admitted in the school, we will get her admitted in other school. She asks Nupur to say something. Nupur asks Milind to call the police fast. Mini thinks she is sending Chiku to jail, good, everyone will love me. Nupur says see, Chiku had broken the thread to save Payal from that man, its a serious matter, Payal didn’t tell me about it. Mini says I thought peon uncle is Chiku’s uncle. Nupur says why didn’t Chiku tell me, she wanted to talk, but I made her quiet. Milind calls the principal. Hira slaps the man. Police comes there. Hira hides. The peon gets arrested. Inspector asks who asked you to kidnap the girl. Hira hits a stone at him. He faints. She hides.

Kamini asks who will make me rid of Chiku. Chiku argues with a rich lady. Aai’s sister comes home. Taai gets angry seeing Chiku home.


Update Credit to: Amena

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