Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Chiku fails Mini’s plan

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mini complimenting Chiku. Aai says I m not able to forget that Chiku robbed in the house, Shashi I felt the day Payal comes back, you will get fine, Payal came back, why aren’t you getting fine. She cries. She says I wish you get fine and play with your grandchildren, you used to play a lot with her. Shashi recalls Chiku. Kamini says everyone knows Joshis, we have to look good. Subodh says Chiku is getting this award, not you. She says we are her family, we will go on stage with her, everyone should think that we are happy for her. Subodh says Milind and Nupur will go on stage, no one will ask for you. She asks what if Nupur doesn’t reach there, Mini is trying that, lets see. Mini asks Nupur to get ready. Nupur goes and opens the cupboard. She gets shocked seeing the rats. Mini laughs. Nupur says they had bitten all my clothes. Everyone comes hearing Mini shout. They come and see the rats. She recalls leaving the rats inside the cupboard. Everyone panics. Chiku stops Kamini from hitting the rats. She says rats are Bappa’s Moshak, we can’t beat them. She takes an empty jar.


Hira says I have to go in function some how and get Chiku. She asks the driver to get few things from the room. Chiku catches the rats one by one and puts them in the glass jar. Milind smiles seeing this. Everyone gets relieved. Chiku asks Vinod to leave the rats outside. Aarav and Nivaan call her brave. Mini says Nupur doesn’t have clothes to go to the function now. Milind says borrow Kamini or Aai’s clothes. Kamini says it won’t fit Nupur. Mini asks will mum not come with us.

Chiku says Nupur will come with us, I have a great idea. She smiles. Hira takes the driver’s disguise and leaves. Nupur gets ready and comes. Milind smiles. Nupur says I feel a bit awkward. Chiku says you said we have to try everything for the first time, you make the first start today, you look good. Milind says something is incomplete. He looses her hair. He says my suit looks good on you. Chiku asks Nupur to thank him. Nupur thanks her for the good idea. Kamini says everyone will see Nupur now, Mini is a fool. Nupur prays. They all leave. Chiku asks Mini what will she do now. Kamini says Chiku will be known by our name. Milind says no, Joshis will be known by her name. Mini says I got a foot sprain. Nupur says we will go in another car. Nupur says we will come in the other car, Chiku don’t worry. Mini talks to the driver about the car driving. Milind asks her not to divert the driver. He says enough now, don’t trouble him. Nupur says once we reach there, you can question him. Mini says no, he has to tell me everything right away. Nupur shouts.

Chiku waits for them. She asks Kamini and Subodh to go inside, she will just come. Milind’s car meets an accident. Hira sees Chiku waiting outside. Nupur and Milind scold Mini. Mini says we didn’t get hurt. He says you would have got hurt, we can’t live without you. The driver says we can’t go in the car now. Mini smiles. Milind says Chiku would be waiting for you. Nupur says yes, I had promised her that I will go on stage with her. Hira stares at Chiku.


Nupur runs to the award function. Mini locks her in some room. Chiku waits for her. Mini signs thumbs down to Chiku. Nupur worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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