Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Hira hints Nupur the truth

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Hira hints Nupur the truth

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 13th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nupur saying we shall go home now. Aai says I have an imp work. She hugs Nupur and Chiku. She thanks Chiku. She says I will never forget your favor. Chiku says don’t call it a favor, I understand how it feels when a mum and a daughter get away. Kamini thinks you don’t understand how I feel when you both unite. Tai says evidence was against Nupur. Aai says truth came out. Kamini says we get tensed when its about kids, you can understand. Nupur says its okay. The kids’ parents apologize to Nupur. Nupur says I can understand. Kamini asks Mini to apologize to Nupur. Mini starts acting and cries. She says you get angry on me, don’t leave me here. Nupur says stop crying, don’t think so. Kamini says she missed you a lot. Mini says I was angry before. Constable asks Nupur to sign the release papers and come. Nupur goes and signs the papers. She sees Hira and says congrats, you got jailed, I m glad that I got you arrested, your game is over now, truth doesn’t hide for long. Hira says you are living a lie, you can’t see the truth in front of you, open eyes and see. Nupur asks what truth, tell me. Hira smiles.


Nupur comes home. Mini asks her to cook something for her. Nupur asks what do you want to eat, tell me. Mini says you make everything for me. Nupur says I will make your and Chiku’s fav things. She recalls Hira’s words. Mini says when you are done with cooking, get me to my room, I can’t sit here. She goes. Chiku says I will help you in cooking, you are the best. Nupur smiles. Chiku asks her to make it with a good heart. They make food. Aai comes and apologizes to Nupur. Nupur says its okay, I m not angry on you. Aai says I m really sorry. Nupur says it was Chiku’s attempt that she brought the truth out. Aai says she did a favor on us.

Its night, Milind says Hira is taking revenge by playing mind games. Nupur says she lied to us when we met her, I didn’t believe her, I could see her lie, but this time, I could feel that she said the truth, there is something. He pacifies her. He says law will punish Hira. Its morning, everyone dines. Tai asks where did Nupur go in the morning, there are many things to go, she is careless. Milind says I will make the kids ready for school. Milind goes to tie Mini’s hair. Tai laughs. Mini says I look so funny, everyone will laugh on me. Chiku says tie my hair, I will tell everyone that you tied my hair and I liked it. Milind says okay. He combs her hair and ties them up. She thanks him. Aai asks where did Nupur go. He says she went to meet Hira. Kamini says she went to invite problems. She gets angry. Aai asks why did she go. Chiku says we will go to her. He worries. Hira argues with the constable. Constable goes to slap her. Nupur comes and stops her. Hira smiles. Nupur says I have to talk to her. Constable asks Hira to thank Nupur. Hira says I knew you will come, I know who are Chiku’s real parents. Nupur asks who are they. Hira says I will tell you, but I have a condition, get me out of here, do you agree.

Nupur says Chiku helped us a lot, we should also find her real parents and get her rights. She talks to family. She meets Hira and says I can do anything to find Chiku’s real family, I will make you escape.


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