Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Chiku is sent to a boarding school

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Chiku is sent to a boarding school

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 11th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mini apologizing to Nupur. Nupur says its enough that you realized your mistake, I will teach Chiku at home, I will not send her anywhere, I will teach her what Payal learns in the school. Mini thinks my plan failed, Chiku will be in the house with Nupur. Chiku sings and dances with Nupur. Kamini looks on and thinks Mini is mad, she always creates troubles for me, Nupur got to know everything, its fine, I will decide everything, I can’t let Chiku and Nupur get more close, now their education will make them away.


Everyone discusses and selects a hostel for Chiku. Nupur comes. Aai says we have decided to send Chiku to the boarding school. Kamini says you are always worried for her. Aai says Chiku will study well there. Kamini says you can go anytime to meet her. Nupur says no need, I will teach her this year. Subodh asks why don’t we use this good opportunity. Kamini says you should give time to Payal’s studies and overall personality, I know you want to do charity, you want to give a good future to a poor girl, charity begins at home, give time to your daughter. Chiku comes there and hears them. She gets sad. Nupur thinks why do I feel sad to send Chiku away from me. Kamini asks Chiku to pack her bags, she has to leave tomorrow. Chiku goes to Bappa and cries. She says Nupur shouldn’t make me away from her, never, but today, my studies is making me away from her, do something, stop me here, I don’t want to go away from my mum, don’t know what will Mini and Kamini do with her, they are scared that I will tell the truth to Nupur. Mini says I will give these clothes to Chiku. Nupur says good girl, go. Mini goes. Nupur says Milind would have decided it right, its good Chiku can decide for her life, I should not think much about it. Mini throws the clothes and insults Chiku. She asks her to keep the clothes in the bag, she won’t waste the money of her parents. She says don’t come back, I will stay here as Payal, I will get their love. Chiku cries. Mini says you will go from here now, bye.

Chiku meets everyone and gets leaving. She cries and runs to hug Nupur. Nupur cries. Everyone looks on. Aai asks Milind to explain them, it wil get late, they will lose this chance also. Milind holds Nupur and says let her go. He asks Chiku to go and study hard. Kamini says don’t do weird things like yesterday, else we will lose our respect. Chiku prays and cries. She doesn’t leave Nupur’s hand. Nupur’s phone rings. Kamini asks her to go and check her phone, let Chiku go. Nupur goes and attends the call. Chiku goes with Milind. Nupur gets shocked. She asks what are you saying. She runs after Chiku.

Nupur runs to stop Chiku. She hugs Chiku. Kamini asks whose call did you get. Subodh scolds Chiku.


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