Bhagya Lakshmi 7th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi is discharged from the hospital

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malishka informs Rishi that Lakshmi is fine, he replies that she was the one with him since she called him a lot of times, at first he did not respond but then after a while woke up, Malishka tries to insist that she was with him however Rishi informs that he felt Lakshmi was with him, Aayush thinks Rishi is feeling the truth but he cannot reveal the truth since Lakshmi made him promise, Rishi insists they take him back home but Virender and Neelam informs he should stay for a while in the hospital, Rishi then complains to his Dadi requesting that she tell them both since they would listen to her, she asks Virender to at least talk with the doctor, he agrees to talk and if the doctor allows them would take Rishi home, Aayush leans in for a hug, he however causes Rishi pain so even Virender is about to slap him but he apologizes, Rishi asks how is Lakshmi so Aayush informs that she is fine in fact is really good.


Lakshmi is walking on the road when she walks past a taxi, the driver slowly walks out starting to follow him, this worries Lakshmi who quickly steps into an auto instructing him to take her to Goregown. Shalu suddenly wakes up in the night when she is shocked since she is not able to find her sister, Shalu even looks in the room of Neha which worries her, she decides to call Lakshmi but then enters the hall, Shalu asks him if Lakshmi did came to the hospital, he replies she will surely come back in a short time, Aayush replies that he did not tell her anything and even Shalu exclaims she never asked him, they both exclaim that they have not asked anything to each other, Aayush and Shalu mention how they liked talking to each other. Shalu thinks she knows Rishi loves Lakshmi a lot and would not be able to live without him, no one can love Rishi like her, she suddenly hears Lakshmi calling so rushes to the room, where she sees Lakshmi sitting on the bed. Lakshmi asks when did she wake up, Shalu replies she got worried about her so was not able to sleep, Lakshmi apologizes for leaving without telling her when Shalu assures it is nothing to be worried about, Lakshmi says it is nothing like what she is thinking when Shalu asks what according to her is she thinking, Lakshmi replies Shalu would be thinking she was not able to control herself when Shalu assures she was not thinking anything like it. Lakshmi inform she saw a bad dream about Rishi so was not able to control herself and ran for a lot of time after which she finally found an auto. She felt really good after seeing him, Shalu asks if she met anyone when Lakshmi replies she only went to the ICU, Shalu placing the hand of Lakshmi on her head questions if she loves Rishi.

Rishi sitting in the bed exclaims now he would be able to recover easily since he is in his own room, Virender advises him to rest, they all are staring at him when Rishi questions how would he be able to rest if they are looking at him like this, they turn to leave when Rishi holding the hand of Neelam apologizes, she advises him to rest when they will talk later, Rishi asks Virender if he would do something for him, Virender asks for anything so Rishi requests him to wipe off the tears from Maa’s face, Aayush starts smiling so Rishi says he should also apologize to maa, Aayush asks how many, Rishi says not many but just hundred hearing which Aayush is shocked, Rishi then says he can only do ten, Aayush then advises Rishi can also ask Malishka, she questions what can she do, Aayush replies she can only leave Rishi alone, she questions what does he mean when he replies that she should leave him to rest, Aayush asks Neelam to look at him and he stumbles on the first sit up, Neelam starts smiling, Virender also starts smiling but Neelam questions why is he acting like a child.

Neelam sits beside Rishi informing he is her gift from god and means the most for her, he should at least listen to her, Rishi apologizes when he explains that when the robbers asked him to think of whoever is close to his heart, he saw her face first after which the entire family, Malishka questions when did he see her, Rishi thinks he saw Lakshmi.


Lakshmi explains that she loves him a lot, he is a really good son and brother, but the only difference is that he could not be a good husband for her since the love which she desires from him cannot be true, she wants that both husband and wife love however she knows that he loves Malishka. Shalu is sitting when Bani also wakes up, asking Lakshmi to say it clearly but Lakshmi replies she will tell her in the dream.

Rishi is sitting when he suddenly starts coughing, he asks Aayush to bring the water and drinks it, they turn to leave but Virender and Aayush still stay back, Virender informs Rishi said he loves his mother the most, Rishi questions if Dadi ever told him that he looks good when he is jealous, Virender replies that no she did not say anything like this, but it feels good hearing from him. Aayush also says that he is the brother of Rishi and he saw him at the last. Rishi slaps Aayush instead of hugging him.

Lakshmi is sleeping along with Shalu and Bani, when someone comes to their room and opening the curtain starts looking at them, someone from behind sees him standing but they stumble on something which alerts him so he runs away, she wonders who might have come to watch them.


Karishma is with Sonia and Malishka’s mother in the room, Karishma mentions it is the right time, Sonia explains whatever happens in their house is according to the rules of Maa which is why Rishi had to marry Lakshmi even when he did not want to but now she is impressed with Malishka, Karishma explains but she now hates Lakshmi so she would not allow her to come back to this house under any circumstance. Sonia explains now Rishi loves her the most, Malishka entering the room reveals he doesnot love her the most, when the robbers asked him who he loves the most, he saw Neelam, her mother reveals that no one can take the place of a mother in the life of a son and if this is how he spends his time with his mother then it is a good thing and she should not be afraid of anything, Malishka realizes it and appreciates them all for always making her understand it so calmly, Sonia assures her that there is nothing to be worried about and asks if she can start practicing to call her Bhabhi, Malishka replies she will surely like it.

In the morning, Bani opens the door to the neighbour, Beni who enters the house, Rano asks Bani to correct the chair as then people would think she doesnot take care of her house, Lakshmi serves her breakfast but Rano says she can take it back, she informs Beni had she come earlier they would have sugar. But Beni informs she came to warn her because someone is keeping a bad eye on the daughters of this family, hearing this everyone gets tensed when Beni explains she is talking about a stranger who was looking to Lakshmi, Shalu and Bani while they were sleeping. Rano wonders who might be looking at them when suddenly they hear someone greeting them, Lakshmi is shocked to see who is standing at the door.

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