Bhagya Lakshmi 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi manages to help Rishi regain consciousness

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Lakshmi reveals her mind tells that she wants to stay away from him but her heart always tends to tell her that she needs to stay beside him Lakshmi exclaims she loves him a lot, and doesnot know the extent of it herself, she is just aware that she is lost in him but he doesnot love her eve when she loves him, she questions how can it work like this, mentioning he never thought about her and what was the need to be a hero, if anything happened to him then what, Rishi is necessary for her to be alive since without him she cannot stay awake and he must wake up for her, so she can breathe and she regain the consciousness, she tries to wake him but he doesnot move. Lakshmi informs that the entire family is in the hospital and is tensed, he must wake up for his parents and her, he doesnot listen to anything but must accept this one requests, she pleads and tries to touch his hand when she suffers a shock, Rishi suddenly starts to regain consciousness breathing heavily, Lakshmi calls Rishi asking him to wake up and he finally slowly opens his eyes, seeing her smiling while looking at him. Lakshmi’s eyes are filled with tears, he calls her name hearing which she starts smiling, he recalls how she tried to save him when they were shot outside the bank. Lakshmi assures she is going to stay with him but he must not close his eyes, she explains that everyone is really worried about him especially his mother, he should not close his eyes for them.


Neelam is lying on the bed, Karishma questions when the doctor explains she suffered a panic attack which might be a problem, she will feel better after resting, Mummi jee hugs her, Neelam questions if Rishi would be fine when Mummi jee mentions he would have to since he has all their prayers, Neelam requests someone to wake up her son when Virender tries to inform but Malishka explains that she is going to be the one to wake him since he would listen to her since he loves her, Malishka rushes away to the room of Rishi.

Lakshmi is with Rishi when she requests him to not close her eyes since she is going to call Mummi jee, Lakshmi turns back when she recalls how she heard Neelam revealing she hates Lakshmi and will not even see her face, Lakshmi asks him to stay awake, the nurse enters the room informing she has called the doctor who was performing an operation, she reveals Rishi loves her a lot since everyone tried their best to make him open his eyes but he did not respond, yet Lakshmi managed to do it, she is also a women and can see how much they love each other. Lakshmi hears Malishka arguing with the doctor who stops her from entering the room when she insists on entering since she needs to wake Rishi. Malishka enters when the nurse reveals that Rishi has woken up and it is because of this girl, she is shocked since Lakshmi is not in the room. The doctor asks Malishka to go and call the family informing them that Rishi is out of danger, he starts checking Rishi asking for his previous reports, but the nurse is still wondering where she could have gone.

Lakshmi is walking in the hall, she recalls how Rishi came to her support when she was being arrested in the hotel, he even stayed with her to protect her in each and every matter, Lakshmi thinks how the nurse said that no one can believe that the extent of love which they have for each other. Lakshmi sees the Mandir and starts praying in front of Mata rani how she knows what Rishi means to the entire family and so she must keep him healthy along with the entire family, they all love him a lot and he is their life, espically mummi jee for whom Rishi is her lifeline, she was really worried and tesned so she must get the peace of mind, Mata Rani must always stay by her side.


Malishka running into the room revealing that Rishi has regained consciouenses, hearing this the entire family prays to Bhagwan, Neelam is not able to control herself so rushes to him, Malishka reveals the doctor refused to allow her and when she went to talk with him Rishi listened and woke up, Karishma is delighted to think that he woke up because of her, Malishka rushes to meet him.

The doctor reveal he had lost all hope but Rishi is now out of danger, he asks the nurse to go and bring his prescription, she bumps into Neelam who informs her son has regained consciousness, the nurse replies it is a miracle which happened because of the one he loves since she called him and he woke up, Malishka comes revealing how they were stopping her but he woke up, the nurse says not her but their daughter in law, Neelam inform she is about to be their daughter in law. They all head inside, Rishi is glad to see them all when Neelam explains how they got really scared, he asks about Lakshmi calling her name and even she turns feeling he called her but sees Aayush.

Lakshmi tries to walk away when Aayush stops her from behind calling her Bhabhi, she requests him to not tell anyone that she came, Rishi asks about Lakshmi when Neelam replies she did not come but he informs she was present with him.


Lakshmi requests Aayush to not tell Rishi since he was not awake and would not remember, Lakshmi tries to turn away when Aayush apologizes to her revealing that they all lied to her and did not tell the truth, no one was honest so caused a lot of pain. Lakshmi replies they did indeed hurt her a lot, she was angry and wanted to question them about the reason they hid the truth, why they did not tell her about Rishi and Malishka or the Markesh dosh but the relations would not be the same since she would have met Rishi but knew she never had any right over him, nor on Aayush or Mummi jee or anyone else, she would have just come to their house as someone who would spend her life but not be able to built any relation, the thing with Bhagya is that she got the relations however they were filled with pain and cause her even more pain however in that case she would not have any relations, even if her heart is filled with pain there is someone who made her realize the love, it is him and everyone else, if she knew the truth even then she would have made the relations but they would not be so strong.

Rishi assures that she was with him hearing which Neelam and Virender are shocked, Rishi reveals she held his hand, and he felt the shock after which she woke him up and was with him, but she left.

Lakshmi reveals she said a lot of things but there is one thing which she knows for sure since she loves them all a lot and they are nice people, but the situations is not good, she requests Aayush to not tell anyone about her feelings however Aayush agrees to not hide these things since he would yell infront of everyone revealing how nice she is when Lakshmi questions if he considers her as his own, he agrees but then she makes him promise to not say anything, he questions if he said something by accident when Lakshmi replies she is sure he would not say anything, she turns to leave but Aayush is not able to control himself, he is restless.


Precap: Rishi says to Neelam, when those goons said close your eyes and remember the person you love the most, do you know whose face came in front of me? Yours. Malishka smiles and asks, and me? Rishi is speechless as he recalls he got Lakshmi’s face instead. Other side, Shalu puts Lakshmi’s hand on her head and asks, tell me the truth. Do you love jiju? A man eyes Lakshmi at late night while she’s asleep. Karishma says, before Lakshmi realizes her mistake and returns, we will have to do something so that Neelam gets Rishi and Malishka married. A neighbor informs Rano that there is a guy who is having his eyes on the girls there. A man enters saying, aunty, Namaste!!! Rano, Lakshmi and her sisters look on.

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