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Prem says to Vibhu, I am praising you, liked how you protraied Malkhan’s issue, everyone is having fun except Malkan but everything is fare in love and war and from when will uou charge, Vibhu says slowly, for now I am thinking who will be next.


Amaji calls Angoori, Angoori walks to her and takes blessings, Amaji asks where is Tiwari, Angoori says in bedroom and calls him down. Tiwari greets her. Amaji says your lawyer friend Ramswaroop go ask him to make my Aadhar card and identity card, I am not finding it and will participate in election so need it. Angoori says you are so kind we all see you as mother. Amaji blushes and says some doesn’t, Tiwari says okay I will make it. Amaji says election party is forcing me to submit documents, Angoori says yes documents are important, and I will pray for you, Tiwari says I will throw huge party when you win, Amaji says just distribute sweeets, Angoori says not at all we will celebrate.

Master having itchy back, he calls his wife to help, She says I am going to wash your pants but this belt is stuck, Master says pull it hard but first scratch my back. Vibhu clicks a picture which looks like She is hitting Masterji and leaves.

Angoori in garden, Vibhu walks to her and wishes good morning and asks who are you waiting for, Angoori says newspaper, Vibhu says oh you waiting for Chalu Chikni Chachi magazine, Angoori says yes, I love it and will kiss whoever writes it. Vibhu blushes and asks what is most interesting thing you find. Angoori says her writing style but the one about she writes must be so embarrassed and told Amaji too but she got angry and said don’t talk about me and Pandit Rampal because she is participating in elections and her character shouldn’t be questioned, Vibhu says I got my stuff, Angoori says what stuff, Vibhu says nothing abd leaves.


Everyone reads article and start laughing, Tiwari reads article aloud infront of Master, Gupta and TMT. Master embarassed gets angry, Tiwari says don’t teach us, we didn’t click this picture but Chalu Chikni Chachi did, Master says she is lying, nothing of such happened. Tilu says we are reading what is written, Master angry leaves.

Prem and Vibhu drinking, Vibhu says did you see our popularity, Prem says but when will you charge, Vibhu says soon. Vibhu gets call from Anu and says come soon and get something to eat for me and from 3 star, Vibhu says I can’t afford 3 star, Anu says shame on you anyways just come home and I guess there is cat in house, Anu says then throw her out. Anu says good you told me.
Anu goes check in kitchen and sees a black bag and David in fridge shivering, Anu asks what were you doing inside. David says I thought you won’t let me in this late and won’t give me food too so I went kn fridge, Anu says god knows why you all want me to prove villan.

Prem says Vibhu, you don’t have money and I won’t give money for Pizza, Vibhu says okay give me phone and makes a call to Amaji and on disguised voice asks is this Ramkali, I am from identity card centre, Amaji says yes tell me, so many people calling me to ruin my character so if you get any gossip don’t entertain, Vibhu says tell me few details and asks details and then says we heard you are close to Pandit Rampal, Amaji says close friend, Vibhu confuses her in talks and makes her says Pandit Rampal is her husband, Amaji loses calm, Vibhu disconnects call.


TMT, Master, Gupta everyone waiting for magazine, Tilu says I guess someone has raised ban over magazine and I think its master. Master says I didn’t, Tiwari walks to news stall and asks whete is magaizny, TMT says not yet, Tilu says even you enjoying it. Tiwari says shutuo why isnt magazine here yet, Newspaper seller comes to stall, Tilu scolds him for being late and all waiting for him. Malkan says I want to see everyone defamed and not just me, Master says even I agree, seller says now magazine is chargeable, it was magazines marketing strategy, Tilu asks how much is the magazine for. He says 10₹, everyone buys it.

Everyone reads about Amaji, Tiwari and Rampal, everyone stares at Tiwari and start laughing at him. Tiwari embarrassed leaves.
Vibhu reada article to Amaji and Angoori. Amaji very angry attackd Vibhu, Angoori says calm down he is just reading, Amaji says sorry. Angoori says yes read it ahead. Vibhu reads Angoori laughs, Amaji says you laughing at my insult, Angoori says sorry, Amaji says I won’t leave the writer and attacks Vibhu. Everyone teases Amaji from outside the house, Amaji hears that and gets very angry.

Pre cap: Tiwari, Malkan, Master complaints Happu about Chalu Chikni Chachi.
Anu tells David her secret that she was once falsely arrested for jewellery theft and was inside locker for 3 days, Vibhu hears that and says I have my next gossip.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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