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Angoori singing in kitchen, Vibhu walks to her and says I beg you, Angoori gives him coin, Vibhu says I want Nilam’s ring, Angoori says why will I, its so lucky for Tiwari, Vibhu says I am needy, Tiwari’s wish is fulfilled, Angoori says he won’t agree, Vibhu says I will buy, Angoori says okay I will talk to him, Vibhu leaves.
Angoori walks to Saxena and Tiwari and tells them Vibhu is ready to buy the ring, he was begging too and can steal it too, he has become desparate, Tiwari asks Saxena to make next move.


TMT beaten badly walk to tea stall, Prem asks whats wrong, Tilu says first Happu arrested us and while leaving us gave us some money but hit us too, its so confusing after wearing this ring, is it lucky or unlucky, Gupta says its unlucky. Tilu says but we got arrested and were left to with money. Teeka says we fooled Master for this ring, its not right. Master hears them talk and whacks them.

Vibhu and David visit Tiwari house, Tiwari asks why are you here, David says Vibhu wants to buy ring. Angoori walks in and says if Tiwari sells the ring I won’t talk to him and if someone buys it, I will cut their legs. David says lets go. Vibhu whispers see my act, Vibhu gets in Tiwari’s feet and starts begging, Tiwari says this won’t work, David says look he needs it, Angoori says so do we, we won’t sell. David raises ring price to 1.5 lakhs, Vibhu says we don’t have that money, David says we do, my policy has matured.
Tiwari says I will agree on one condition that I will need ring once a week. Vibhu says agreed.

Vibhu says this Tiwari agreed quickly. David says wear it quickly. Vibhu wears ring, Saxena drops flower pot on his head. Vibhu says why does this happen. Tiwari says I am doing it, don’t fool others and leaves.
Vibhu gets call from bank saying that 2 lakhs cheque bounced. David says don’t worry we are winning 20 lakh property, David gets call for Frenchie and he tells him, Nilams confession has raised your chances to loose. David asks Vibhu to throw the ring away, Vibhu does so.


Vibhu, Tiwari at tea stall trying to talk. TMT surpping tea loudly, Vibhu scolds them, Tiwari says did you see that movie friendship, Vibhu says yes I loved that film, Tiwari says but we don’t see that friendship now a days, Tilu says our friendship is just like in that movie. Vibhu says please mine and Prems story is famous in Kanpur, Teeka says we never heard Prem talk good about you, he always abuses you, Vibhu says abuse and friendship always go hand in hand. Tiwari says I find Prem very uncultured. Vibhu says I will call Prem and we will test.

Malkan asks Tiwari, don’t you have friend, Tiwari says yes I do and I have lot of faith in friendship, Tilu says but we three are best of friends. Vibhu mocks Tiwari. Tiwari says I have a best friend too but don’t remember his name, will confirm with Angoori.

Angoori on call with her best friend. Tiwari walks in. Angoori asks Tiwari will she have something, Tiwari says you remember my best friend 7 years back. Angoori says Mahipal, Tiwari says right, he used to come see me at stop for few seconds but he use to leave then and I don’t know where, Angoori says he use to come here and flirt would say you don’t deserve ugly man like Tiwari, and you smell like cow dung. Tiwari says why didn’t you tell me. Angoori says I didn’t want to hurt you and I locked him in a room once and hit him hard with stick for misbehaving and warned him never to be around this city, Tiwari says I am proud of you but I am upset, Angoori asks why, Tiwari says I don’t have a best friend and wish to have one.


Prem and Vibhu at tea stall, Vibhu says tell them about our unconditional friendship, Prem says what unconditional friendship, Vibhu says stop pulling legs. Vibhu says tell them you can give me 10 lakhs whenever I want, Prem says sure but what will you mortgage. TMT laugh at Vibhu. Vibhu says Prem this is all between us, Prem says yes. Tilu says accept it you don’t have a friend, Vibhu says you are right and leaves.

Tiwari and Vibhu drinking, Tiwari says I am upset, I don’t have any best friend, an unconditional friend, you have Prem. Vibhu says I hate him, we were friends but he insulted me I hate him. Tiwari says so you are in same condition as mine, Saxena walks to them and says I have met your best friends, Tiwari asks how come, we didn’t meet, Saxena says you did, you two are eachothers best friend, you share eachothers sorrow and happiness. Tiwari says you are right. Saxena leaves.
Vibhu says hug me Tiwari and both hug.
TMT passing by, Tiwari calls them and says meet my best friend, Vibhu says we are beat buddies. TMT says yesterday you said you will never be friends. Tiwari and Vibhu start arguing and abusing eachother. TMT leave.

Pre cap : Anu asks everyone to not give Vibhu any money.
Vibhu asks Prem what will he do of printing press, Prem says take it if you want.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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