Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th March 2022 Written Episode Update : Tiwari throws a party for his son Saxena.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

David and Vibhu get inside Saxena’s house, David tired, Vibhu says get some exercise daily. Vibhu checks around, gets into his bedroom. Saxena tied behind the bed farts, to sign them. David says I think there is some gas leak. Vibhu says anyways looks like Saxena is really kidnapped, lets go, Saxena farts again, David says there’s some bad leakage, Vibhu leaves, David follows.


David and Vibhu get out of the house through the window, Vibhu says you get stuck everywhere, Vibhu says we didn’t see Saxena anywhere, David says that gas was only there, Vibhu and David leave.
Chustare walks home, Tiwari rushes to him thinking he is Saxena and asks where were you, Chustare thinks he looks like Saxena’s friend. Tiwari says we need to adopt you for astrological reasons. Chustare says I am not available. Tiwari says you are denying a rich and famous business man like me, Chustare thinks oh big businessman and says I am ready daddy, Tiwari happy. Chustare says daddy come lets hug and hugs him.

Tiwari gets Chustare home and calls Amaji and Angoori, Tiwari says to Amaji and Angoori, look our son is here, Chustare says is this your house, Angoori says yes, Chustare says not anymore. Tiwari says to Chustare, tell me who is your Dadi, Chustare points at Amaji with a poem, Amaji pulls his cheeks, Tiwari says to Chustare tell me who is your mummy, Saxena says common sense she is and points at Angoori. Amaji asks Tiwaro to throw a party for your son.

Vibhu cleaning his house, David eating peanuts, Vibhu asks him when will he get property, David says if I knew I wouldnt be here, Tiwari and Angoori visit Mishra’s, Vibhu asks how come you are here, Tiwari says we have arranged food for hungry people and we have to inform you, Angoori says stop fooling around and says we have a baby and there is party, Vibhu in shock, and says I didnt see anything coming, direct a baby, Tiwari says we have adopted our son, Vibhu says you gave me stress, Tiwari asks what stress, Vibhu says her figure will get ruined otherwise, Tiwari says how does that concern you and anyways we have adopted Saxena.
Chustare walks in and Vibhu gets emotional and says where did you go, I searched you everywhere and looked around your house too, I missed you so much. Chustare slaps him, Tiwari says do come to the party and leaves with Angoori and Chustare.
David says do you still love Saxena or washed off, Vibhu says I still do, he was kidnapped and he must be in trauma.


At dinner party, Chustare and Rhusa together, Tilu and Malkan in tears. Rhusa says to Chustare, Saxena dont bother about them ignore them and focus on me, Tilu and Malkan hurt, Malkan says to Tilu, if we knew English, we would be in place of Saxena. Chustare misbehaves and talks back to Amaji, he slaps him and says I am your grandmother, stay in limits.

Gupta,Prem discuss when did Tiwari have a baby and is this party for same. Tilu says how would we know, Prem says to Tilu, you should know you work with him, Gupta says so uncultured, Gupta and Tilu Malkna argue.
Tiwari and Angoori join everyone. Prem asks where is your son, we want to play. Chustare says to them here I am come play with me here. Tiwari says patience soon I will make official announcements. David and Vibhu join them, David says to Tiwari that, last time you gave bad quality alcohol, Tiwari says you still had it. Vibhu says to them, nice idea you got a son without all the pregnancy think, Tiwari says to Vibhu, if you liked this idea, tell bhabhiji too,Vibhu says to him, why will I, I believe in whole process.
Vibhu says to Angoori and Tiwari, look your son is drinking, he never drank before. Angoori says to them, yes he never drank alcohol but lizard soup. Vibhu says to them I wont let him drink and walks to Chustare and says to him, Saxena give me glass. Chustare slaps him.
Tiwari announces Saxena as his son, Chustare says Mom and dad I want to change my name from Saxena to Chustare. Master asks what type of name is this. Tiwari says okay, here is my adopted son Chustare Tiwari.

Pre cap:Vibhu says to Chustare, okay I have forgiven you but on one condition, you will never drink. Chustare slaps him.
Chustare says to Tiwari, give me money, Tiwari says I wont. Chustare air fires. Angoori gets scared.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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