Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti regrets returning home

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori says to Vibhu you feeling cold vome I’ll give you heat. Vibhu wake up and check everyone is sleeping, go with Angoori and start dancing and singing. Everyone see Vibhuti kissing slipper. Malkhan ask Tillu and Tiwari what is going on. Tillu says what happen to him. Malkhan says if you are done with Tiwari’s slippers then please kiss our slippers too. Tillu says slippers colour are on your lips now leave it and shouts at him. Vibhu get up. Tiwari ask when did you started your new hobby. Vibhu says I was dreaming. Malkhan says Anu bhabhi must have thrown this slipper on Vibhuti to beat hut he catches it and start kissing it. Tiwari and Tillu laugh. Saxena lying on Ice without any clothes near them.


Next morning Vibhu get back to his house see Anu sitting in lawn area so cough to grab her attention and greets her. Anu says what happen. Vibhuti says I’m sorry please take me in I’m missing you. Anu says bunch of lies. Vibhuti says I genuinely miss you, I was dreaming about you last night I thought you were liking me but it turned out to be a dog tgat live there. Anu says you are such a cartoon, how can you be so funny but still I didn’t change my mind. Vibhu says then still we gonna have baby. Anu gets shy. Vibhu says don’t shy you don’t look good you look good when making people shy, means when you scolds you look good that’s your personality. Anu says but I don’t want to scold you, I want to love you for that you have to change your behaviour and I think we should be late in our behaviour I’ll go in and make arrangements I want you to come in and get romantic, she leaves. Vibhu says Bhabhiji shouldn’t have change that much, is she puppet of Ammaji that’s very unfair.

Angoori on her door see Vibhuti walks to him and greet. Vibhuti ask where are you going. Angoori says I’m going back to temple steps. Vibhu says but you said that ritual Tiwari will do. Angoori says yes but Ammaji called and said that I have to do ritual now. Vibhu says are you puppet whatever she sayd you will do. Angoori says she is my Ammaji and she ask me to do things for my benifit but why are you shouting so much it feels like these rituals will benifit you. Anu says from inside Vibhu come soon everything is ready for Deepu Mastana. Angoori says go inside Anita bhabhi is calling you, but who is Deepu Mastana. Vibhu says unfortunately it’s me and did you kept warm clothes. Angoori says yes I kept warm clothes with blanket too. Anu says from inside come baby I’m waiting. Vibhuti says I’m coming sweetheart and ask Angoori to take care of herself and she leaves. Anu should you are trying my patience. Vibhuti get inside.

Malkhan, Tillu, Master, Gupta and Tiwari outside temple. Gupta checking Tiwari. Malkhan says is he going yo fie. Tillu says he will jot die. Gupta ask Tiwari to take deep breath. Tiwari says I’m feeling problem in breathing. Tillu says he came with all precautions. Gupta says it’s winter of December month you cannot run from it. Angoori walks to them worried ask what happen to Tiwari. Gupta says he is very cold. Angoori says I told that you cannot survive, your immunity system is weak. Tiwari says why did you come here. Angoori says Ammaji called and said that I have to do ritual. Tiwari says you go back what will happen to you if I’m in this condition. Angoori says you go back I’ll do ritual I’m strong enough. Tillu says I’ll bring tea for you Tiwari. Angoori ask he will be alright. Gupta says don’t worry it’s because of cold he will be fine. Tillu brings tea for him. Tiwari ask what is the rate. Tillu says it’s of 1000rs. Gupta says get up and try to make him sit but hear crack noise says to Master his legs are stiff please help to make his legs straight. Malkhan says to Tillu I think so now we won’t be able to see Tiwari’s underwear drying in his balcony.


Vibhuti at Prem house calls him. Prem wife says unemployed is here. Vibhuti says bhabhiji I’m sitting out send him here. Prem walk to him. Vibhuti says I work so hard, went against everyone to be with Bhabhiji near temple but she came back. Prem says then. He says then I apologise to Anu. Prem says then did she accepted your apology. Vibhu says yes but now Angoori says she will go back to temple, you know how much I love her tell me what should I do. Prem says make her more angry this time that she kick you out of house for long time. He says but I’m scared that she will beat me because she is black belt too. Prem says there’s nothing wrong in that. Vibhuti says I’ll leave now and walks away.

Tiwari enter Anita’s house and says I’ll request Bhabhiji to talk to Amma and see a slip says it must be for Vibhuti like last time and calls Anita. She doesn’t answer and says let’s look at slip but won’t follow. He pick up slip and reads it saying Anita is kidnapped, don’t call police or else. Tiwari gets panicked says she is in trouble what should I do and see other slip read it says if you are looking for address go to bedroom there you will find a contact number on wall, call us then we will tell you what to do. Tiwari run to bedroom and find another slip saying we have trapped Anu in bathroom if you want can save him, he says my love need sacrifice don’t worry I’ll help you and run towards door get inside and shouts. Anu come out and says what’s the matter with you why did you come inside my bathroom again. Tiwari says I’m sorry I thought you were kidnapped I looked at slips. Anu says this is for Vibhuti why are you reading. Tiwari says then did you wrote, that you were kidnapped. Anu says I can write anything he is my husband don’t bring your legs in between my matter. Tiwari says what should I say Ammaji is troubling me. Anu says okay fine call Ammaji I’ll talk to her. Tiwari calls Ammaji and says Anu want to talk yo you. Anu says put phone on speaker and says watch and learn, she greet Ammaji and says you have send Angoori out in cold. Ammaji says this is not cold, it’s nothing. Anu says but it’s difficult for Angoori. Ammaji says we Angoori and me don’t feel cold and start sneezing says I think so I’m getting cold. Anu says you asked Angoori to do ritual near temple. Ammaji says from temple I remember one time me and Pandit Ramphal were going so he got cold so much that he was unable to move and then he flirt with me. Tiwari disconnects phone. Anu says thank you did it, right now Ammaji need a psychiatrist I know one should I arrange and appointment. Tiwari says she don’t need it. Anu says it’s okay but why did you shout again when you came in bathroom. Tiwari walks away.

Anu says to Vibhuti there is no age of love. Vibhu says you meant that you can love in any age then after 25 years I’ll be of 60 then we will do romance.


Tiwari ask Vibhuti what are you doing here. Vibhuti says Anu kicked me out so I came here, what are yoi doing here. Tiwari says ritual is been reversed and now I will be here.

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