Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti learns the truth behind the mark

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu in her bedroom. Vibhu walks to her says my neck is paining. Anu says you are taking lot of stress on your body if you cannot handle the work leave come I’ll put some oil and message you. Vibhu says guve me deep tissue message. Anu says it’s not a message parlour, I’ll do normal message and start messaging her says to him your birthmark is coming it’s a black ink on my hand this means someone was making your fool. Vibhuti says really.


Bhuri Lal outside tea stall talking on phone with his kid Puttan and says I found your big brother Juttan he is Vibhu neighbour of Angoori he also fraud like you. Vibhuti come and sit beside him and says I’m not fraud. Bhuri Lal hive him phone yo talk to Puttan he disconnects it and says listen to mw first uncle. Bhuri Lal says I’m your father you have birthmark on your neck. Vibhu says see there is no mark it went away when Anu was messaging my neck. Bhuri Lal says but son listen to me. Vibhu says I’m not your son. Tiwari walks to them and says to Vibhu lot if work is pending at home go and finish that. Vibhu says shut up I’m not your brother in law and I’m not his son. Tiwari says onay if you are not my brother in law then too you have to go and do work because money is involved. Bhuri Lal in shock. Vibhu says you sold me and I didn’t know.

Anu and Vibhuti in hall with David and Helan. Vibhu scolding Helan and David and says you must be involved in plan. David says it was not my olan it was Tiwari’s plan. Tiwari, Angoori and Ammaji walks in. Vibhu says to Tiwari so it was your plan. Tiwari says ut was not mine. Vibhuti says uf nobody planned then who’s idea was this. Ammaji shouts it was my idea tell what you can do. Vibhu says tell me why you did this. Angoori ask Ammaji why did you do this conspiracy. Ammaji says Angoori was pregnant and a servant was required to do all work so I planned this and told Tiwari to talk to David…

… Tiwari and David drinking near tea stall. Tiwari says I’m getting chance to fo your hospitality. David says you must need something in return that’s why you are doing this. Tiwari ask him to do cheers says you know Angoori is pregnant and you have something which is useless for you but I need that. David says how is it possible nothing is useless I use everything my all clothes and perfume I use them daily. Tiwari says I’m talking about Vibhu. David says he is my relative and how can he be useless. Tiwari says you need to give fees to lawyer so did you pay him. David says no not yet. Tiwari says I’ll give you that 50,000 to pay lawyer then will you help me, I want Vibhu because he is unemployed so I want to buy Vibhu so that he can do chores till time baby become of 3 years after that he can leave. David says how will you make him ready to work for you. Tiwari says for that I have different plan…


Bhuri Lal walks in amd start slapping Tiwari and shouts at him. Ammaji says to Bhuri Lal dare you say anything to my son. Bhuri Lal what about he played with my emotions. Anu says I don’t know what’s going on but I want to know why did you used Vibhu. Angoori says yes Anu is right why did you use him. Tiwari says he was on sale se we buied. Anu says so buied him from Helan and David in what price. Tiwari says 50,000. Angoori says so cheap. Tiwari says because of David I pay 50,000 I thought of only 5,000. David says what are you talking this is so cheap and he has lot of power like animal and you will pay only 5,000 in America these boys are sold in lakhs. Helan says shutup to David. Vibhu says to Helan you are also same culprit. Helan says to Vibhu he got call from lawyer and was asking for 50,000 for hearing. David says I didn’t have money so we sold you and will buy you back when we will get 20 crores. Vibhuti says what about Ink. Helan says that was all planned. David says actually you are Helan’s son. Bhuri Lal says to David you sold your own child and looks at Helan says if you have any other offer to sell your relative please let me know I’ll think of it. Helan says to Bhuri Lal tell me one thing why are you looking at me while talking about selling relative. Gupta walks in and says to Tiwari and Angoori I was looking for you in your house. Angoori ask Gupta did you get my report. David says yes and says Angoori is not pregnant. Everyone on shock. Gupta says she was not feeling well because of gastric attack. Vibhuti get’s happy and thinks this mean her figure will not change I’m so lucky. Ammaji scolds him and Angoori and Ammaji leaves. Bhuri Lal ask David to drink in evening. David says why wait for evening let’s go now, Tiwari, David, Bhuri Lal and Gupta leave to drink.
Helan says to Vibhu now I’ll leave too. Anu says where are you going this is your son and your house and ask Vibhu to make coffee. Helan says wait I’ll make coffee for you two and leaves. Vibhu says see she is my real mom.

TMT near tea stall discussing about David says we thought he will give us money but is jot ready to spend a penny on us. David walks to them and they get excited. David shouts at them says no need to butter me and you are not worth of my money and you won’t be able to spend that money. Teeka says don’t worry we will spen your 20 crore in 20days. David says shutup it took me 50years to earn and you will spend it in 20 days listen to me I’ll not give you any money. Tillu says don’t take Teeka seriously says listen to us we have so many debt so please give us 10 crore. Teeka cries says atleast give 5 crore. David says you need 5. Tillu says if you want give 1 because we need it urgently Prem is looking for us with gun. David says okay tell me do I need to give one or all three if you 1 each. Malkhan says give each of us. David says yes why not make them stand take out his wallet and slap three of them and walks away. Prem walks to them says guve me my money or I’ll not spare you.

Same night Prem, Gupta, Masterji, Tillu and Malkhan in colony dancing and celebrating Lohri. Malkhan ask Tillu to call them. Tillu shouts and call everyone. Tiwari and Angoori come out if there house and joins them. Angoori says you did all the arrangements for Celebration. Angoori and Tiwari wish everyone happy lohri and happy makar Sankranti. Everyone dancing and doing ritual for Lohr.


Teeka brings Vibhu on cart. Anu ask him what happen to Vibhu. Teeka says he was watching a movie and then faint.

Everyone in Anita’s house. Malkhan near Vibhu’s face says he is still alive. Vibhu slaps him get up says I’m not dead yet I’m have many days left to live. Gupta says he is acting like main character of movie who was jewel thief.

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