Balika Vadhu Season 2 8th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Anandi and Anand plan Jigar’s dating

Balika Vadhu Season 2 8th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi getting ready. She posts about the second chance. She reads the comments from others. She comes to meet Bhairavi and Anand. Bhairavi asks her to sit. Anandi asks where is Diya. Bhairavi says she went out on a lunch date. They discuss about a lady Pragati. Anand looks at Anandi. Music plays… He smiles. He gets her message.


He replies to her. Anandi praises Varun. She says you should meet him, he has many ideas for our shelter. Anand asks why will mom meet him, you see all the work. Bhairavi says he is right, I don’t like to meet anyone these days, carry on, you are handling it really well, I m always proud of you. She goes.

Diya drinks. She asks the guy to drink. Anandi goes to Anand’s room. She is about to see his pic. He calls her out. She asks what happened. He says I think Jigar is still into you. She asks what, no. He says he got lilies for you. She asks can’t friends get flowers. They have a pillow fight. They have a moment. He says you didn’t date anyone. She says I was waiting for you, happy now. He says yes, sorry, I fought with you because of Jigar, I feel uncomfortable when I m around you, I will be fine when he dates someone. She says we should find a date for him. He says perfect, then I can go on a date with you.

They go to Jigar. Jigar asks what, dating through an app. Anandi says we want to find someone for you. Anand clicks his pic and shows him. Jigar sees them happy. He gets sad. Diya greets Raju. She asks about his daughter. He says she has gone to school, she will be coming, are you fine. She says I m not fine but I have to say I m fine, what should I say when I m not fine. He says that you are not fine. She says fine, I m not fine. He asks what happened. She says I don’t understand what’s happening, I drink a lot and get this hangover, when will this end, I can’t stop drinking. He says you forget the alcohol and drink milk, you will get good sleep and strength, doctors also say this. She says you are so simple, you have solution for everything, maybe its difficult to be simple, life is complicated, I want to become like you, thanks. He smiles.


Jigar comes to Anandi. He asks her to read the file and tell him. She asks did anyone like his profile. He says I m happy to be single. She says you start dating, you will have someone to look upto. She says I will help you, sit, lets see some profiles, she looks pretty. He asks really. She says fine, anyone else. He refuses to all. She says you are too picky, you won’t get anyone like this. He smiles seeing her. she says she looks like Priya, she used to stalk you during lunch breaks, she used to like you. He says anything. She says she was infatuated by you. He says you were all about studies, when did you notice. She says I used to like it when she used to trouble you. they talk and laugh. Anand comes and asks what’s so funny. She says he isn’t liking anyone. He asks what type of girl does he like. Jigar says Anandi, you are right, I think she is cute, I have a date tonight. Anandi says all the best. He thanks her. Anand looks at them.

The Episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena


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