Balika Vadhu Season 2 7th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Jigar steps back from Anandi’s life

Balika Vadhu Season 2 7th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varun saying you could have done a lot, instead technical work. Anand says I didn’t come to make my career, but to fix some relations. Varun says I m developing a project, will you help me partner. He gets a message. He goes. Jigar comes to Anandi. She says its almost done. He says you didn’t tell me, you hired Anand. She says yes, everything happened so soon. He says I work for you, you don’t work for you, don’t you think hiring him will out financial burden on us. She says no, he is the right person, talk to him about the salary. He asks shall I cancel our movie night. She says no, its our ritual, you decide the movie.


Bhairavi comes to meet Varun. She asks what’s this, I got this lottery jackpot, I never bought this lottery, what’s all this. He asks what. She says you started doing all this, why. He says I like you, I m interested in you, one can go to any extent for his love, I know your past, your husband is in jail because of his bad deed. She shouts shut up, how dare you talk to me like that, I can take care of myself, don’t do this again. She leaves.

Anandi makes coffee. Annadi comes and says you lied to me, that you drink tea, you drink coffee. He thanks her for stalking him. he says I like strong coffee but sweet, like you, you are also strong but sweet. He asks her to try it and say is it like her. She says no thanks, my green tea is okay. He says I want to take you on date again, answer me. She says no, I have committed Jigar for a movie, we watch movies every Friday. He says nice. She asks why don’t you join. He says okay.

Pinku says Anandi didn’t cancel the movie plan, make this night interesting, take a gift for her. Jigar says I don’t want to compliment things. Pinku says even a friend can take a gift, take it for her sake.


Jigar comes to meet Anandi. He gets a bouquet. He sees Anand there. he throws the flowers away. Anandi makes popcorn. She says I was trying to make our movie watching experience better, we need a good movie, popcorn and a good company. Anand sits closer to Anandi. Jigar feels odd seeing them.

She signs him about Jigar. Anand says so what. Jigar says I feel unwell, I will go. She asks why. He says I should have not come. She says I will get medicines. He says no, I will go home and rest, I will be fine. Anand says now he is also gone, don’t feel awkward. Jigar is on the way. He says Anandi is moving on, she was happy, I should be happy. Anandi says I like these flowers. Anand says its bright like you. She says white lilies are my fav. He says noted. He gets leaving. He gets the bouquet fallen there.

Its morning, Anandi works out. Bhairavi calls her and asks are you coming. Anandi says yes. Anand comes. Bhairavi says you look tired. He says all fine, why are you cooking so early. She says Anandi is coming. He asks really. She says she comes to discuss about NGO, we are like family now. He asks will Diya join us. She says don’t know. He takes the tea and biscuits for Diya. She asks him not to go cute things and just leave.


He asks what will you like, let me know, I will do anything for you. Diya scolds him and goes. Jigar works out. He gets a message. He calls Anandi. He asks her to read the contract and decide. She says I have to go and meet Bhairavi, you take a call, you read the contract, it will pass your time. He says okay, good idea, have fun. Pinku says I know you wait for Monday to meet Anandi. Jigar says shut up, I want to see her happy, I will be glad if she is out of that loop.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena


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