Balika Vadhu Season 2 18th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Anandi exposes Vikrant

Balika Vadhu Season 2 18th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi screaming and holding Anand. She asks him to make the lizard away. He says I think you will break my engagement, I know I m handsome, but control yourself, what will Ishana think if she sees us together. She says make the lizard away. He takes a scale and tries to make the lizard away. He also screams and hugs Anandi. Tu nazm nazm….. plays…


Vikrant gets angry on Diya. Diya comes and recalls Anandi’s words. She says thanks, I m so happy, you agreed for my job, we will get financially independent, I told Ishana that we will return her money, we will get a new house soon, its exciting, right. He holds her angrily. She says leave me. She gets hurt. He scolds her. He shuts the door. He says I married you for money, if you come in my way, then I will make you out of my way. She says think of our baby. He says you think of your baby, ask money from your parents and give me. He raises hand on her. She tries to run. Anandi comes in and holds Diya. Everyone comes there. Vikrant asks Diya are you fine baby. Anandi slaps him.

Vikrant asks how dare you. Anandi says you aren’t ashamed of torturing your wife. Anand also slaps Vikrant. He beats him more. Bhairavi holds Diya and cries. Anand says Anandi was saying right, you are an animal. Bhairavi stops Anand. Anandi says he has beaten Diya many times before. She tells them Vikrant’s truth. Diya says yes, he used to torture me a lot. Bhairavi asks why didn’t you tell us. Anand says I regret that I didn’t believe Anandi. Anandi says I m calling the police, Vikrant should get punished. Vikrant asks Diya to think of the baby, a baby needs both the parents. He says I swear on you. Anand slaps him. Bhairavi says Diya, you don’t need to listen to him, you won’t go with him. Diya says Vikrant is saying right, a baby needs mum and dad both, I should give him another chance. Anandi says she is right, but does a baby need such a father, if your son raises hand on his wife, then… if it’s a daughter, if she tolerates like you then, do you want to raise your children this way. Diya says I want divorce.

Its night, Anand thanks the lawyer for coming. Lawyer asks Diya to sign the divorce papers. Anandi says your freedom papers, everything will be fine then. Diya signs. Vikrant says I won’t sign and drag you to the court. Anand scolds him. Diya stops Anand. She says we will go to the court, now the court will decide, I thought you love me, just money is imp for you. Anandi says Aditi will also give a statement against you. Anand says sign on this, else nobody can stop you from going to jail. Vikrant signs.


He says I will see you. Anandi says I m not scared of you. He leaves. Bhairavi says Anandi, thanks for everything. Anand comes to Diya and gets a burger for her. She says I don’t want to have it. He says mom used to catch us having burgers, have it. Ishana comes and says Diya’s new life will start, she will head our jewellery shop, it will be a good chance to divert mind. Diya says thanks for the offer, that’s sweet, I want to spend time with myself. Anand says she is right. Ishana says she needs to divert her mind, she has to become confident and independent. He says yes, we can discuss this later. He asks Diya to have the food. Diya says I m not hungry. Anandi comes and asks her to ask the baby if he is hungry or not. She talks to the baby. She says have the food for baby’s sake. Diya eats.

Anandi cheers up Diya. Anand says you have no option than staying happy. Diya asks about the boutique offer. Anand and Anandi say its still on, please come. Anand comes to the boutique and gets sweets for Anandi. He thanks her for doing so much for Diya. He says she is my life, I m indebted to you.

Anand says sorry Ishana, I can’t get engaged to you because I want to marry you. Anandi cries. Anand thinks I have to say this to get your feelings out.


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