Balika Vadhu Season 2 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Anandi saves Jigar’s name

Balika Vadhu Season 2 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anand and Jigar arguing. Anandi looks on. Inspector asks them to go out. Maadi baa scolds Bhairavi. Prem asks her to leave it. Maadi baa says let me say, we have raised Anandi and her brother, Anand and Bhairavi blamed us today. Bhairavi says so sorry, Anand said he is going to the hospital, I came here to check, I know you can’t let wrong happen with Anandi, maybe Anand made some mistake. Maadi baa says our family is bearing a punishment for his mistake. Bhairavi says he was a kid, we had apologized for it, what will you get if you mention that. Maadi baa says he did the mistake again. Bhairavi says its fine, the misunderstanding will get cleared, you were with us, you said you have to prepare for Anandi’s birthday, then she got married, how. Maadi baa says Anandi and Jigar gave us a surprise, they love each other, they wanted to marry so we got them married, like Diya got engaged, you told us in the last time, we didn’t come with police and NGO.


Bhairavi says Anandi has run away from her wedding night, Diya did not run away, I will help Anandi, its my right and duty. They come to see Anandi. Anandi says no need to go out, I can tell this in front of everyone. Sejal asks are you fine. Anandi says no one forced me. Anand asks her to say the truth. She says I m saying the truth, Jigar and I had a fight, I came out of the house in anger, there is nothing serious. Anand says your feet were bleeding. She says I got hurt. He asks her to stop it. Jigar says my wife said that there is no problem between us. He says sorry and asks NGO ladies to go. Anand steps back. Doctor asks Prem not to let Anandi take stress. Anand sees the family taking Anandi. Bhairavi talks to Diya on call. Anand says it wasn’t a mistake, she asked for my help, I m not wrong. She says she didn’t tell that she has run away from her wedding night. He says she was lying that she is fine. She scolds him.

He asks her to trust him. She says even if I agree to this, then why did Anandi say that, we can’t do anything for her, we shouldn’t interfere. Everyone comes home. Maadi baa asks Jigar to take Anandi to her room. Anandi asks Kanku to help her and get her stuff from Jigar’s room. Anand gets down the car. He says you lied in the hospital, I will know your truth.

Maadi baa scolds Anandi a lot. She says Sejal, remind Anandi that she is Jigar’s wife, she has to keep a wife’s duty. Anandi asks can a husband touch his wife whenever he likes, even without her wish, should a wife let her husband do anything he wants. She cries. Sejal asks what are you saying, come with me. Anandi says sorry Kaki, I have to say it today. Anand comes there to meet Anandi. Anandi says there should be respect in this relation, we both should mutually consent to take the relation ahead, a girl doesn’t become someone’s property. Maadi baa says fine, if you want to live as you want, then break this marriage. Anandi says I didn’t say that, I just asked for some time, its my right.


Jigar says you are my wife, I will show you the rights, come with me. Anandi says no one can touch me without my wish, not even my husband, I m bound to this house because of my parents’ promise. Sejal recalls Ratan’s words.

Anandi says you all did a lot for me, I love this family. Maadi baa says so that’s why you had run away. Anandi cries and says everyone is upset, no one tried to know the reason. Jigar asks what did I do that a husband can’t do. Anandi says you forced me, if you try this again, then I will not forgive you. Anand tries to get inside. She says I saved you from police and NGO, I will tell your truth to them, I saved you for the family’s sake. Prem asks Anandi to go and take rest. Anandi thanks him. She goes. Jigar looks on angrily.

Anandi asks Anand to go. Anand says I have come to get answers. Jigar says I will go and see Anandi. Anandi says Jigar is my husband, you don’t need to interfere in our personal matter.


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