Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 7th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya’s movie night

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 7th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram asking Vedika not to give up on her marriage and fight for her rights. He reminds her that she loves Shashi. He encourages her. He leaves. Nandini says Ram values love and marriage, he doesn’t know your truth. Vedika says he doesn’t know your truth also. Nandini says we ruined their movie date, we succeeded, we have to find that bangle, I want Priya to end this relation. Priya defends Vedika in front of Akki. He thinks how shall I tell her about Vedika. She asks him when is he going home. Akki says don’t send me away, send Vedika away. She says its not your house. he asks why, if my house is Shivi’s house, then her house is mine. He thinks sorry to talk to you like this.


She gets Ram’s message and goes. Priya sees the beautiful decorations on the terrace. Ram comes and says sit, we will wait a movie about the stars, you know the solar system, I don’t remember anything. She smiles. They see a shooting star. They make a wish for each other. She says you would have made a wish for Vedika, she is your friend, I don’t know her well. He says I don’t know what happened to her, Vedika and Shashi used to love each other a lot. She tells about the meteors, its not the stars, same way, life is such and ruins things. He says you may understand her, right. She says no, how can I. she tells about Mahender and Meera. She says I believed in fairy tales, when Mahender left the family, I realized its all a lie, he married Rakhi and got a son Raj, I regret to be his daughter. He says so sorry. She says its okay, you were saying this to explain Vedika. He says no, there is no one like you, you are strong, I wanted to know about you. She asks how will you help Vedika. He says you tell me. She says I think she should go back home. He says you want to send her home, I believe your decisions, I think she isn’t addressing her problems here, you are right. She says she would feel bad seeing Shivi-Akki and us happy together. He asks what did you say. She repeats. He says you admit that you are happy with me. They argue. She gets up to leave. He stops her. They recall their moments. He asks her to wait. She asks him to take Vedika to a marriage counsellor. He says you are very strong. She says Vedika also looks strong, but she told me about Shashi, she needs help. He says right, I will talk to her. She says I told Meera about the counselling, but we had no money to afford the sessions, don’t you have tissues for my tears. Ram gives her tissue.

Ram says I m worried for Vedika’s future. Priya says Vedika is disturbed. Ram says we found this support group for Vedika, they help women get treated for mental health. Vedika gets shocked. Nandini says I agree with Ram.

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