Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Mishra gets a chance to take revenge on Mirza

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mishra telling that someone delivered pizza at home and the kids ate it. He says he needs to pay 1000 Rs now. Kudelal doubts if Bittu ordered it. Bittu says he will file theft case on them, once he becomes politician. Kudelal says Bittu Bhaiyya can’t send the costly pizza and can’t have costly enmity. Bittu says if I wanted, then would have sent samosa as bhabhi and I like it. BBC asks Mishra to find out about the secret enemy. Bittu says Mirza might be the enemy. Mishra thinks to take revenge on him and goes. BBC cheers for him. Bittu asks BBC and Kudelal to have free tea and paan. Mishra goes to Mirza and scolds him for sending pizza to his house. Mirza asks when did I send? Majnu says you have ordered it sometime back. Mirza says I have sent it on my address. Mishra says then how did it reach my address, on my name. Mirza says may be by mistake as our names are rhyming. Mishra says it is your trick, I understand. He gets angry. Mirza also gets angry. Mishra’s phone comes. Sakina asks mishra to come home and tells that the kids are having stomach pain since they had spicy pizza. Mishra says I am reaching there and asks her not to wait for him and take them. Mirza asks him to go. Mishra comes to Bittu and asks him to get the toilet made today itself. Bittu and others laugh.


Brij tells Mishra that kids couldn’t stop themselves seeing pizza. Mishra says Mirza has stoop low and says I will take revenge from Mirza. Shanti asks cab driver about the cab rent. Cab driver says 800 Rs. Shanti asks Mishra to make toilet fast. He says he has called the masons to build toilets. Bittu comes there and asks if they go to shopping malls to relieve themselves.

He brings the masons with them. Mishra says toilet shall be build here and asks Masons to dig the land 16 feet deep. Noorjahan says kids and Shanti have to go to different shopping malls to relieve themselves. Sakina says everything is fair in love and war. She asks her to give water to the plants. The workers hit on the pipe line and it breaks. Noorjahan tells Sakina that water is not coming. Brij says water is coming to us. Mishra asks Mason to connect the pipes. Noorjahan says water came. Mishra asks Mason to remove it. Noorjahan says water went. Sakina says it seems something is wrong. Mishra thinks this pipe line is of Mirza and it is in my side. He asks the mason to keep the wood in the line, so that water don’t go to Mirza’s house. Bittu says you are more clever than your father. Mishra says it is my turn to take revenge.

Aashiq asks what is the next step. Mirza asks him to boil the tea. He says Mishra will vacate the haveli and says I will bring earth quake in his life. Sakina calls Mirza and informs him that water is not coming. Mirza asks so shall I come, and asks her to check at other tap. Sakina asks him to come to the haveli fast. Mirza says ok and asks Aashiq if he knows someone who repairs tap. Aashiq says I had known, but forgotten. Mirza says I would have given you fees. Aashiq says I will come. He comes home and checks the sink connection. He asks about the main line. Sakina says it is outside. Mishra asks Shanti if Sakina and Mirza asked you something. Shanti says nothing. Mirza and Aashiq check the water line. Noorjahan says it is in Mishra’s side of house. Mirza says it is not in his side. Noorjahan says it can happen. Aashiq goes to see and tells Mishra that he wants to check the pipeline. Mishra tells that someone’s pipe line is broken. Aashiq asks Mason to check the pipe line and joins it. Mirza says water came. Aashiq thanks him. Mishra asks Mason to break the pipe line. He breaks. Mirza says water went. Mishra asks Aashiq to give his message to Mirza and asks him to leave.


No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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