Anupama 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Consoles Annoyed Samar

Anupama 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar dances aggressively venting out his anger remembering his fight with Nandini. Anu with Baa rushes to dance academy. Baa asks Anu to do something as she cannot see Samar’s in pain. Anu tries to stop Samar, but he continues dancing and then falls down. Malvika and GK get concerned for Samar when Anu leaves home worried after Baa’s call. Anuj says they could have called him, he would have accompanied Anu. GK says Anu went in a hurry, she is capable of handling any situation. Malvika says yesterday Anu’s birthday party spoilt because of her, today she has to handle Samar’s issue. Anuj says Anu told that a mother is on a 24/7 duty like a soldier and hopes Samar and Nandini’s issue is solved soon.


Anu comforts Samar and feeds his water. Samar repeats his and Nandini’s relationship is over now. Anu says its relationship and not a video game to end. Samar hopes its like a video game where he can restart. Anu says when he doesn’t want to lose a game, why will he give up on relationship. Samar says Nandini has changed now and doesn’t understand him. Anu says even he is not understanding Nandini, Kavya is her maasi/aunt and she cannot see wrong happening with Kavya. Samar says he didn’t do anything wrong with Kavya, then why is she fighting. Anu says even Mr Shah did do anything wrong with him, even then he fought for his mother with Mr Shah; he should look from Nandini’s perspective to understand her. Samar asks even when Kavya is wrong. Baa says whenever Kavya did wrong, Nandini stood against her, but this time she feels Kavya is wronged. Anu says this time she is a bit; they all have someone to share there loneliness with like Baa has Bapuji, Samar has Nandini, she has them all, but Kavya feels lonely. Samar says Kavya herself is responsible for her condition, they still support Kavya, but Nandini thinks they are troubling her.

Baa says he should reconcile his differences with Nandini, but not thinking of cancelling their alliance. Anu says when he fights with Pakhi and Toshu and reconciles with them, why not Nandini. Samar says Kava has problem with his each family member and he doesn’t want his situation to be like Vanraj’s where he is stuck between family and Kavya; with one divorce whole family shattered, he doesn’t want to worsen the situation and hence wants to end the relationship before any worse situation arises.

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