Anupama 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Samar and Nandini’s Major Argument

Anupama 15th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj jokes with Malvika and GK when Anupama walks in holding her bag. Anupama says she is going back to her house. Anuj says even this is her house. She says she stayed here until he got well. GK says he wants to stop her but doesn’t have a reason. Anu says they would meet in office daily and would visit each other’s houses often, she has made their favorite snacks. Anuj requests her not to go and then says new year has just started. Anu says one day she needs to go, so why not now. At Shah house, Nandini continues arguing with Samar and asks when everyone’s mistakes can be forgiven, why not her Kavya maasi’s. Samar says mistakes are forgiven of one who repent, she should ask her maasi to apologize his mummy for betraying her for 9 years. Nandini says he has a typical mindset where only woman is blamed, Vanraj is equally guilty with Kavya. Samar says that is why he calls him Mr Shah and not papa. Nandini says this won’t change the fact that Anu supports Anuj and Malvika. Samar asks why shouldn’t she as they are million times better than her maasi. Nandini says they are all nice except maasi, if they cannot understand her maasi, they shouldn’t trouble her. She tries to leave. Baa tries to stop her. Samar says its of no use as she is being brainwashed by her maasi. Nandini says whenever her maasi does a mistake, she is the first person to confront her maasi, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t support her maasi; why shouldn’t she point out when her maasi is wrong, what is same happens to her after marriage. Samar says there is no treatment for her doubt in the whole world, and if he thinks so, they should rethink about their marriage. Nandini says she agrees. Samar says LOL, lots of like maasi like bhanji. Nandini replies LOL, lots of like father like son. They both walk away in opposite direction. Baa gets tensed and thinks she cannot discuss about it with Vanraj or Bapuji, should she with Anu, but Vanraj warned her not to involve Anu in their family issues again.


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