Anupama 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Hesitates To Confess Her Feelings For Anuj

Anupama 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Hesitates To Confess Her Feelings For Anuj

Anupama 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj asks Anu what she wanted to say him. She nervously tries to speak when doctor walks in and informs Anuj that all his reports are normal, he was worried seeing his condition, but his family’s prayers and especially his wife/Anu’s love brought him back to life. Anuj says Anu is not his wife. Doctor apologizes and says he saw only loved ones in hospital like this and goes to finish discharge formalities. Anuj asks Anu again to tell what she wanted to say. She scolds him that it won’t be good if he does herogiri again and gets into trouble. He pinky promises and asks if she only wanted to scold him or there is something else. She says what else and walks out and feels shy. Anuj then thinks why Malvika is calling him repeatedly, she called on Baa and Bapuji’s anniversary and even today.


Vanraj speaks to Malvika over phone. Kavya hears him and asks who is she. He says she is his girlfriend. She angrily picks vase to break. He warns Baa will scold her if she breaks vase. She keeps vase back and asks why did he say that. He says what can he do if suspicion is her fulltime hobby. She asks what shall she do when her husband doesn’t spend time with her and was busy with his ex-wife whole night. He says she need not feel insecure with Anupama as he has himself asked her to move on with Anuj and even he has moved on. Samar takes bike keys from Toshu. Toshu asks if he is going to hospital. Samar says Anuj got a discharge, so he is going to drop GK home. Kinjal serving breakfast to Toshu says Anuj and mummy need home-cooked food, so she will pack their food. Samar agrees. She remembers Toshu’s misbehavior and tells him that there all problems in life and when something happens to dear ones like Anuj, they realize all their mistakes. He says they expect guarantees in life, but there is no guarantee of life at all. She says they both fight often a lot. He holds her hands and says they should give themselves a chance. Baa notices them and thanks god.

Vanraj drops Anuj home. Anuj thanks him and says they couldn’t become friends, but he helped him more than a friend yesterday. Vanraj says he is Anuapama’s special friend, Anu was worried for him whole night as he is very special to her. Anu shies hearing that. They reach home. GK happy emotional seeing Anuj. Vanraj says Anuj is so handsome that many girls put nazar/bad eye on him. Anu says she didn’t. GK asks Anu to perform Anuj’s aarti, and she does.

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