Anupama 11th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Shahs’ Special Request To Anupama

Anupama 11th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

GK meets Anuj and asks what is he doing there at night and why did he call him so urgently. Anuj says he doesn’t know. GK asks if Anu is in Shah house. Anuj hugs GK and says Kinjal is unwell and Anuj had to visit her, hopes Kinjal gets well soon. GK assures Kinjal will be fine soon. Anuj asks what if not and his fate betrays him again. GK says he will stop praying god then. Anupama questions Paritosh/Toshu why did he walk out of room, if he is a husband or a neighbor. Toshu says Kinjal needs her. Anu says Kinjal needs even him. He says he already told that he doesn’t need a child right now. She warns to slap him and says they don’t reject Kanhaji and Radhaji’s prasad, he is getting laddu gopal; asks why couldn’t he hold his wife’s hand and support her; wife gives her body, mind, wealth everything to her husband, then why can’t husband give at least time to her; he can become a big businessman and should become a true husband first, etc. He walks to Kinjal. Anu then messages Anuj if he is fine, he shouldn’t wait for her.


Baa calls Anu. Anu walks to her and seeing whole family standing with her asks if something happened. Vanraj says he and Baa have taken a decision. Bapuji and Kavya oppose that decision. Anu asks what decision and hearing their demand to stay at Shah house to care of Kinjal stands stunned. Pakhi and Bapuji insist her not to accept it. Baa argues that let Anu herself deny it. Vanraj says Anu is silent as even she feels its right. Baa argues that she and her son are not selfish. Vanraj says she has to accept this decision and can take her boyfriend’s permission. Samar says her mummy and Anuj’s relationship is not of taking permissions, Vanraj will not understand the quality of relationships. Vanraj says Anu should inform her boyfriend that she is his girlfriend later and mother first. Anu stands perplexed. Anu

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