Agar Tum Na Hote 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Niyati agrees to marry Dr Aanad

Agar Tum Na Hote 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Niyati agrees to marry Dr Aanad

Agar Tum Na Hote 29th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aanad replies they are not understanding as he cannot hide such a big secret from Niyati, he turns to leave when is shocked to see Niyati standing at the door, she asks what truth can he not hide from her, Sulochana asks her to come in when she says they were talking about her marriage as if they had told her she would have raised a lot of questions, Aanad turning to Niyati questions why does she seem so stressed, she says that she is just tired, Aanad replies he can judge all the expressions of her face and knows what has happened, Niyati asks him to appoint another nurse for Abhimanyu as she can no longer go to his house, he asks what happened, Niyati mentions that he got another attack after finding about their marriage, she explains how he exclaimed he loves her, she managed to calm him down but then his father came blaming her for what happened, he even asked her the money which she will take to leave his son, Ram exclaims how did he dare talk to her like this so Ram turns in anger but Niyati stops him saying there is no need as she has told them she will no longer go to that house, and besides that she is about there is no relation between her and Abhimanyu.


Abhimanyu’s father calls Sanjay saying there is not even a single doctor who can treat his son but there is such opportunist who are trying to trap his son in their love, he ends the call when Manaroma stops her brother. He going to Manaroma questions why are they not able to get their son healthy again even when they have earned a lot of money, Manaroma says that a child also needs the love of his parents but he being a father did not have any time for him, he replies it is true he was not their for his son but he earned this money so that their son would never have to see the poverty which they saw, he asks Manaroma to remember the day they left Bihar. He warns that the girl should not come near their son, and they should also order the guards, he asks her name when Kumkar reveals it is Niyati, he at once recalls of the daughter of his friend. Manaroma mentions it is just a coincidence.

Aanad asks Niyati to never go to the house of Abhimanyu ever again, she should also never answer his calls if he ever tries to and even asks the permission from Ram and Sulochana to bring his parents as he wants to marry Niyati as early as possible.

Kumkar explains that Niyati is a kind-hearted nurse, she was the one because of whom Abhimanyu is getting healthy day by day and she is not a bad person, and it is Abhimanyu who has started to love her but Niyati as she is about to get married to someone else. Abhimanyu is about to wake up, so Manaroma stops Kumkar. His father immediately goes to sit beside him, Abhimanyu wishes him to ask how he is, he replies a father would always be glad after meeting his son, he explains they are just praying for Abhimanyu to get healthy as soon as possible, he asks how is he, Abhimanyu exclaims he can see for himself as he is sitting Infront of him, he once again hugs Abhimanyu when Kumkar sees how did he get hurt, he even realizes that his hand is bandaged, so asks if he was the one who hurt him when Kumkar exclaims he would have slapped Abhimanyu if he tried to harm him but he got hurt because of the storm and the window which was left open. Abhimanyu exclaims he wants to rest because he is feeling weak but his father requests him to spend some time with him however Abhimanyu insists on resting, he lies down on the bed.


Niyati asks Aanad he told him that she needed some time but then Aanad said that one needs time before the proposal is finalized but now the date has been fixed and there is nothing to worry about, Aanad exclaims he has got a really good offer from Singapore and feels they both should leave after getting married, Niyati exclaims she doesnot want to go away from her parents but Aanad exclaims they know that they are the only children but their parents can come and visit them any time. Sulochana exclaims she feels they should call the Pandit jee to set the time, Ram also agrees that they should leave this country as soon as possible, Niyati leaves when Ram praises Aanad for not telling the truth to Niyati, he replied that he has realized what Ram was saying is actually the truth, Abhimanyu is the past of Niyati while he is the future and she is his best friend so he would surely take care of her, she is now his responsibility. Aanad leaves the house when Sulochana prays.

Niyati is in her room when her mother brings the glass of milk, asking Niyati to sit down while she will massage her hair, Sulochana exclaims that a women needs the care of her parents after which they have their husbands, Niyati exclaims she is feeling everything in her life is being done in such a hurry because she at first was irritated by the actions of Abhimanyu then papa insisted on her getting married and she was not able to refuse him, she is getting worried thinking about Abhimanyu as he constantly says there is some connection between them both but she doesnot understand what this means, then Sulochana recalls how they both were married in their childhood, Niyati calls her, Sulochana asks her to not think of Abhimanyu.

In the morning Manaroma is having breakfast when the nurse comes exclaiming, she has been appointed as the new nurse of Abhimanyu, Manaroma asks if she has been updated about the medicines which needs to be given, she agrees when Manaroma questions if she knows anything else, she replies that she got to know that Dr Aanad and Niyati are getting engaged tomorrow. Manaroma exclaims this is what Abhimanyu should not find out, he comes out asking what they are trying to hide from him.


Ram with the Pandit jee asks him to reveal the best time for the marriage, the pandit jee says that after witnessing the Kundali, tomorrow is the best time for the engagement and the marriage can be held after one week, Aanad exclaims he doesnot have any problem so even asks Niyati, she mentions she doesnot have any problem with it, Ram mentions to Lata Didi that they both will be relatives from tomorrow, Sulochana brings the sweets, she signals Niyati to seek her blessings and Lata didi blesses her. Sulochana is worried about the preparations when Lata Didi assures there is nothing to be worried about, Ram thanks Niyati for accepting his decision as he is only doing this for her better future.

Abhimanyu comes down asking who she is, the nurse reveals her name mentioning she is his new nurse he however asks where is Niyati, he tries calling her but she doesnot answer his calls, praying that he remain healthy.

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