Agar Tum Na Hote 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Lata Didi desires both Niyati and Aanad should get married

Agar Tum Na Hote 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Lata Didi desires both Niyati and Aanad should get married

Agar Tum Na Hote 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr Anand is sitting in his office, when there is a knock on the door, he asks them to come inside, Niyati coming stands in front of him, he asks what has happened but she doesnot say anything then he asks her what happened, Niyati calls him Aanad, he is worried when he questions what has happened to her because she broke her own rules and did not say anything, Niyati explains because she wanted to talk to her friend and asks Aanad if he feels what they did was right, Dr Aand stands in frustration asking how many times would they have to explain the same situation, he shows her the scans of the brains of Abhimanyu and mentions it has already started filling with grey matter and there was no other way left but to give him the shocks as if they had given him injections it might have started affecting his kidneys or lungs.


Niyati explains that Dr Anand has not realized the intentions of Abhimanyu, he might have diagnosed his illness but not his intentions because he paid the bill of six lacs for a stranger, he is constantly spreading love, Saira walking in the hall witnesses Abhimanyu being taken on the stretcher, she feels he is not the same person who was constantly smiling. Niyati tries to explain that Abhimanyu would not get the treatment in the hospital and Dr Anand would have to take care of this case as a nurse and not the doctor.
Sulochana is in the house when she opens the door, however is amazed to meet Lata Didi, Sulochana greets her asking if she was not going to come with Aanad on Sunday, Lata exclaims she did not think she would come to visit them after looking at the calendar, Lata hands Sulochana their gifts, Lata explains she cannot wait till Sunday, she exclaims Ram is still late and so she will also scold him, Ram standing at the door exclaims she can scold him, as it is the same job which never ends at five and the wife who constantly scolds him, he offers her to sit down.

Ram also sits with Lata Didi, she explains that it has been a long time since they all had dinner together and even Aanad doesnot have time for even himself especially after his promotion as he became administration head, Ram explains this is time to have success in life, Lata replies she knows this but she wants to end this tension because of which she has come to them, Ram asks what can they do to solve this problem, Lata je asks the hand of Niyati for Aanad, Lata je explains they both are childhood friends and are working in the same hospital, Aanad also likes Niyati and even she likes her and if it was up to her she would have gotten them both married in their childhood but now she is twenty four years old so it might be the right time for marriage.

Niyati walks out of the office where she sees Manaroma standing, they both look at each other when Niyati leaves, Manaroma starts recalling the past events which have happened.


Ram suddenly exclaims he would have to leave for office, when Lata Didi asks Sulochana if this was something which she said but Sulochana says that it is nothing like that but there is a lot of pressure from work because of which he is worried, Lata asks Sulochana what does she think of the marriage between Aanad and Niyati, Sulochana replies that she feels they are a perfect match for each other and Niyati would be loved in their house.

Ram is walking wondering how he has turned down each and every proposal of marriage and has been searching for them for the past twenty years, but Lata Didi is their own so what excuse can he give her, he sees a girl praying so he also prays that he finally meet those whom he has been searching, Ram sees Manaroma in the car, he rushes to her however she leaves when Ram sits in the auto and follows her car as she has the answers to his questions.

Niyati gets out of the auto entering the house when she explains that she has brought each and everything, Lata Didi asks why is she ignoring her, Niyati apologizes saying she did not see her because if she had then how could she have ignored her, Lata Didi asks Niyati if she is fine to which she replies she is but Sulochana says she is dying because she nearly got killed at the hands of that mental patient, Niyati asks why does she talk like this as Abhimanyu is ill but can be cured, Lata Didi asks who is this Abhimanyu, Aanad standing in the door exclaims he will tell her, Sulochana greets him explaining she will make something good for dinner, Lata Didi offers to help her but Sulochana explains how she is now giving her a chance to talk with her son, Niyati explains she will come to her in the kitchen after getting fresh.


Aanad asks his mother is she talked with uncle and aunti regarding his marriage with Niyati, he explains that he really likes her and desires to only marry her, Lata replies she has talked with them both and will also hopefully talk with Niyati today so he must rest assured.

Ram is following Manorama in the car when she receives a call from her brother who explains Abhimanyu was not feeling right so she should also come, Manaroma asks the driver to take a u turn, Dr Sharma is with Abhimanyu, the nurse calls him mentioning that Dr Sharma wants to talk with him, he explains that Abhimanyu’s body is experiencing the side effects of shock therapy and is shivering so Aanad explains that they have to first stabilize the heart rate after which they would take the decided course, he agrees when Aanad ends the call.

Niyati standing behind asks what has happened but Aanad doesnot say anything and asks her to rest assured as it is nothing relating to her patients, Sulochana asks her to offer him tea, they all sit down when Aanad complains to Sulochana that Niyati might soon break her promise as she is always acting like the nurse, but he advises her to be his friend outside the hospital just like him as he is her friend here but in the hospital he is her boss, she must only take care of herself and him.


Ram is following Manaroma in the hospital, he follows her to the floor wondering what she is doing in the hospital of Niyati.
Manaroma enters the room going to Abhimanyu, she asks him to be fine as then they would make sure everything goes to the way it was, Abhimanyu opening his eyes explains nothing happened to him and he was just acting, Manaroma exclaims he is even mischievous while being ill, he exclaims he doesnot tears in her eyes and she must be happy, Manaroma accepts there would be no tears when he gets fine, Ram walking outside recalls how he assured he would tell Niyati the entire truth if he is not able to find them within seven days, he looks through the door and sees Abhimanyu’s uncle, he opens the door but is shocked to see Abhimanyu lying down on the bed, he is shocked thinking that Abhimanyu is the same patient, who Niyati was talking about.

Precap: Abhimanyu exclaims that his stupid heart has started liking Niyati and she will be the one to treat him, Ram asks Niyati to accept his order and agree to marry Aanad. Dr Aanad announces in front of Abhimanyu that their families have arranged their marriage, Abhimanyu in the room exclaims she cannot go away from him and he is coming to be with her, he in anger breaks the glass. Manaroma asks both Ram and Sulochana to call Niyati because her son really needs her help.

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