Agar Tum Na Hote 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Mr Panday reveals the truth infront of Niyati

Agar Tum Na Hote 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Mr Panday reveals the truth infront of Niyati

Agar Tum Na Hote 16th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Niyati is walking, thinking about what Saira said that Abhimanyu explained the pain of three days is not enough in front of the happiness which Niyati will get, she even thinks how he pleaded her to be on his case otherwise he will not get better, she keeps on walking recalling all the past memories, Niyati enters the venue which shocks everyone and they began to wonder where is Niyati coming from, Ram and Sulochana also get worried, they question why is she crying and where had she been, Ram also asks her what has happened, Niyati tries to explain when she hears the call to Ram from behind, It is Mr Panday with Kinkar and Manaroma, Mr Panday is filled with emotion, thinking of their past memories when he was waiting for him and he came to inform how he has gone to look for a house in the city, this angered him and questioned how could Mr Panday even think of taking such a decision like this, when he explained for him this is just a single family.


Mr Panday is walking towards Ram, Kinkar requests all the guests to go outside as they are relatives and need to discuss something important, Mr Panday requests ram for a hug, they both cry when he accepting his mistake mentions he never knew Ram is the father of Niyati otherwise he would have never made the mistake of sending Ram to the lockup, he even apologizes to Niyati for saying such wrong things to her and even seeks his forgiveness from Sulochana Bhabhi, Ram exclaims it is nothing to be worried about advising how they should go inside and talk. Niyati in a state of confusion questions her father why Mr Panday is talking to him like they are old relatives who were lost, Kinkar replies it is because they actually are the old relatives, revealing both of them were the best of friends since their childhoods.

Mr Panday informs Niyati that this is the old habit of her father as he always gets tensed when something happens suddenly and is not able to say anything, Mr Panday says he is going to tell Niyati the truth but before that needs to apologize to Niyati for what had happened, he without knowing said a lot to her, he is about to reveal the truth when Ram stops Mr Panday saying how he said they are going to talk in private, Mr Panday exclaims he is not even allowed to talk with his own daughter, Ram replies he should first talk with him, Mr Panday exclaims he is going to talk with him because if their mother came to know about this then he would be beaten, Niyati gets really confused so questions what is going on, Mr Panday is about to reveal when Ram stops him in anger, saying there is no need to tell Niyati the truth, he turning to Manaroma exclaims they both talked about what happened even then she brought him here, he says they both are going to talk in private and end this relation, Mr Panday questions how is Ram saying this because this relation is to hold the two families together which cannot end like this, Niyati comes to Ram asking what is going on and why is the family of Abhimanyu talking with him like this, she demands to know the truth as it is all really confusing when Ram explains there is nothing to be worried about, she is his daughter so asks Sulochana to take Niyati inside and get her ready for the wedding.

Mr Panday exclaims he is not going to let Ram get Niyati married so easily, Mr Panday mentions he will stop them from getting Niyati married once again, Niyati turns in shock asking what he is saying, Mr Panday explains that she was really young and got married at the age of five with his son Abhimanyu, but Ram is not ready to accept this marriage now since he has gotten mental.


Mr Panday going to Niyati reveals all of that happened in the past and how when she got hurt it was Abhimanyu who felt the pain, he reveals it had gotten difficult to separate them both seeing which their mother suggested both should get married which has been fulfilled when they were young, with all the rituals but the only thing left is the Gouna so he turning to Ram exclaims that he has come here to get that ritual done, Niyati asks her father if this is the truth when Mr Panday shows her the photo exclaiming it is really the truth.

Niyati is shocked to see this recalling how Abhimanyu said that they meet because of Niyati and fate, Mr Panday exclaims that she is the last hope which they have of Abhimanyu getting healthy once again.

Niyati starts shivering, she is not able to process the fact that she has already been married, she in the state of confusion drops the photo, Kinkar picking it up exclaims that Ram bhai did not reveal the truth since he did not want to ruin her future, and they all understand it but the truth has finally come out so she must think if she can spend a new life with Aanad, Mr Panday also asks Niyati to speak the truth but she just looks to her parents in a state of confusion.


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