Agar Tum Na Hote 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Mr Panday finds out the truth about Niyati

Agar Tum Na Hote 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Mr Panday finds out the truth about Niyati

Agar Tum Na Hote 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Niyati is going, Ram stopping her from behind questioning where is she going, Sulochana also exclaims today is her wedding so where is she going right now, Niyati exclaims she has some important work so will come back, Ram replies that she has even kept a varth and today is her wedding but she wants to go after Abhimanyu in this heat, Niyati rushes away assuring she will come back because it is relating to life and death situation, Sulochana exclaims that Niyati is a responsible person so would come back, she takes Ram inside.


Niyati sees Abhimanyu leaving in the car, she wonders where is his bike, she sitting in an auto starts following him, the auto drops her outside the hospital, she is shocked to see the hospital, wondering what is Abhimanyu doing here, she going to the reception asks if there is any patient with the name Abhimanyu Pandey but the receptionist refuses saying there is now patient with that name, Niyati is about to leave when she from the corner sees Saira, Niyati gets really worried, even Saira feels tensed so questions what is she doing because today is her wedding however Niyati asks what is going on here, Niyati sees that Abhimanyu is going through the shock therapy so entering the room stops them questioning what are they doing and with whose permission, Saira reveals it is happening with the permission of Abhimanyu, she informs he has been taking shock therapy since the past three days, Niyati recalls how he would make excuses saying he went to the movie when Manaroma asked about him, he assured her he was fine and would be in the house of Niyati for next three days, Saira informs Abhimanyu is taking the shock treatment under the supervision of Dr Sharma, he informs Niyati that when Dr Aanad and her left his case, he came to Dr Sharma and so the treatment is working on him as it had before, Saira reveals he did this just for her because he knew that his frequency of attacks was getting faster but he knew that if he gets an attack it would cause a lot of problems for Niyati, Saira reveals that everyone claims of loving but only Abhimanyu has proven what true love is, Saria requests Niyati to make sure Abhimanyu doesnot find out she knows the truth because he has already lost her love, she must not snatch this from him.

Abhimanyu is being shifted when Niyati is walking beside him, Niyati constantly thinks of their first meeting, how Abhimanyu revealed his feelings for her, her tears drop on his hand while she is weeping, he starts moving it. She immediately holds his hand when it falls out of the stretcher, Niyati sits beside him when he is unconscious, she holds his hand with all her might, crying thinking how he requested her to not make fun of his love for her.

In the other part of the city, Manaroma is sitting beside the bed of Kinkar, she realizes how he is moving his hands, she calls him so he slowly opens his eyes calling her, she helps him sit on the bed when she exclaims she needs to talk with him however he is eager to talk with Mr Pandey but Manaroma requests him to not reveal the truth to him, when Kinkar questions why is she doing this because they have been trying to search for Niyati for a lot years, she is the only hope that Abhimanyu would get better, if they manage to bring back Niyati then this would mean Abhimanyu get healthy again, Kinkar tries to get up and reveal the truth while Manaroma is trying to stop him, Mr Panday is already standing in the door, he with tears exclaims that Niyati is their own daughter and the wife of Abhimanyu, he going to Manaroma questions why did she hid the truth from him, she replies because she considers Niyati as her own daughter so knowing the truth how can she force her to ruin her own life, she cares a lot for her so feels they should let her get married.


Niyati is sitting holding the hands of Abhimanyu when Saira comes asking if she is fine, she asks Niyati how was she not able to see the feelings of love that Abhimanyu has for her, when she is capable of realizing what anyone thinks, she questions if Niyati would be able to marry Dr Aanad knowing this truth, Niyati is about to leave her hand, she starts weeping when he starts to regain consciousness, Saria asks her to leave as today is the last time she would be with Abhimanyu, tomorrow she will be the wife of Dr Aanad, she makes Niyati stand up and leave, Saira advises her to be careful, Niyati once again turns back looking at Abhimanyu with a smile, however she is really tensed when she turns to leave.

Mr Panday exclaims that no future would be destroyed because their son would get healthy after getting married to Niyati, he exclaims that now when the go to Ram he will himself end the marriage, Manaroma reveals she met with Ram and he himself wants to get Niyati married, Mr Panday gets really mad questioning that Ram still wants to get Niyati married after knowing the truth, Mr Panday asks Kinkar to come and doesnot even stop when Manaroma insists saying that it is really important that he talks with his friend Ram.

Niyati walks out of the room, Abhimanyu wakes up, when Saira is beside him, he tris to sit up but she says that he needs to rest however Abhimanyu exclaims today is the last day as after the marriage of Niyati it will end but Saira exclaims would he go to the house of Niyati like this, she makes him lie down on the bed assuring they would go after he gets some rest. Niyati turns to enter but forcefully stops.


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