Actor Sandeep Nahar Video – News18 Hindi says all things before posting suicide on Facebook

New Delhi. MS Dhoni is an actor who has worked in hit films like Kesari Sandeep Nahar He committed suicide on Monday at his home in Goregaon, Mumbai. Mumbai police said that a case has been registered in the case and the case is being investigated. Before committing suicide, Sandeep Nahar posted a video of himself on Facebook and wrote a suicide note in which he mentioned issues in his personal and professional life. Sandeep Nahar’s body was found at his Goregaon home in Mumbai on Monday, police said, adding that the actor had committed suicide. The entire entertainment world is in shock as Sandeep suddenly commits suicide.

In a video previously posted on Facebook by Sandeep, he explained the reason for his suicide and said, “Hello hello, I am Sandeep Nahar.” You must have seen me in a lot of movies and I have a motive behind making this video today, and the intent is that at first you may feel a little strange to hear how I speak, but there are so many issues in life, but I am not consistent today, because my wife Kanchan Sharma What happens is that I have not been able to get out of trauma in two and a half years. I was tired of explaining him (Kanchan Sharma). Repeating the same thing in the past, daily fighting, talking 200 times in 365 days about suicide. I will die, I will trap you, I will ruin your career. I was so annoyed.


He added, ‘Understand that Kanchan did not do this, she abuses my family, she hates my mother so much … I could not do such a thing today. Pick up the family’s phone, there are many more things with it, they are bad Have become and become so bad, I can no longer bear them. In Mumbai there is a lot of stress about work, there is stress about everything, but the stress of work can still be faced, but it is a woman’s stress, very hard to bear. It tells me a lot of things like this, it adds my name to anyone, I’ve been with it for two years .. sat up .. but there is no cure for doubt.

Sandeep also said in the video, ‘Yes (Kanchan Sharma) fights over everything, and fighting is not a normal fight, which means psychos .. There is a guy who fights drunk, but his alcoholism goes downhill, then it becomes normal. Usually this happens, even the gilt feels. He also realizes his mistakes. But in this case it is, if it is fighting, if anything feels bad, it sits in its mind. Sit goes in such a dirty way, it is very difficult to remove. How many nights will it spoil. Even now it is only January, she ran away from home in January, her mother is very supportive. In fact, she has two sisters and both have a love marriage, so her mother also gets her brother-in-law inside and asks Kanchan to force the police, but on no basis. Fake things. You make the case by lying, what are these things?


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