First insurance policy for Egyptians abroad

Kuwait City, Sep 22: Yesterday evening, Minister of Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Nabila Makram signed an insurance memorandum for Egyptians working and residing abroad, with the President of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority, Dr. Mohamed Omran, and the President of the Egyptian Insurance Federation, Alaa Al-Zuhairi.

Makram said that the memorandum would provide insurance protection for Egyptians working and residing abroad, through the issuance of an “optional” insurance policy, in order to provide insurance coverage in cases of death, transportation of bodies, accidents, and appropriate compensation, in the context of supporting the efforts of the Egyptian state to protect Egyptians working abroad, and in response to For the requests of Egyptian citizens in the Gulf countries, in particular.

They added, “The document is applied to all employees and residents abroad, in a way that contributes to strengthening the bonds of belonging to the homeland, developing and raising the efficiency of insurance awareness and raising the level of insurance culture,” indicating that work is currently being done to finalize the final image of the document, which will announce its determinants and conditions within days.


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Makram confirmed that the cost of obtaining the document will be below, and it will be issued through a work permit issued by the citizen from the Ministry of Interior.

For its part, Egyptian government sources reported that the coming period will witness activities that include awareness campaigns, seminars, and workshops, to raise insurance awareness, in addition to the necessary arrangements with the concerned authorities to issue and collect insurance documents electronically, and the necessary measures to ensure that Egyptians working abroad receive the compensation due to them in the event of danger.

In another matter, the number of flights between Russia and Egypt increased as of yesterday, as the number of flights between Moscow and Hurghada and between Moscow and Sharm El Sheikh increased from 15 to 25 flights per week for each destination, and between other Russian cities on the one hand and Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh on the other hand. One to 3 flights per week.

Yesterday, Egyptian resorts resumed flights to the Russian cities of Pskov, Magadan, Murmansk, and Chita.

Adil Khan

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