200% increase in scooters and bicycles sales
200% increase in scooters and bicycles sales. Image Credit: Al-Qabas

Kuwait News, March 29: Despite the partial ban imposed 3 weeks ago, and despite the ban on the use of bicycles and scooters during the two hours of walking recently approved by the Council of Ministers, their shops have witnessed an unprecedented turnout during the past days.

Al-Qabas tour revealed a crowd inside shops selling bicycles and scooters in the Sharq region, in light of clear neglect of the preventive requirements and a lack of social distancing.

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A manager of a bicycle shop confirmed that the Corona virus and the period of ban increased the rate of buying bicycles.

He mentioned that the stores of the global factories for bicycles no longer cover the current market demands, indicating that it is difficult to import at the present time due to the pressure on the main factories, and that the pre-order for the bike may take a whole year to provide it.

He explained that there is awareness of the importance of cycling, especially for people with knee problems, and that doctors recommend cycling for those who have problems with walking.


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