What is Maundy Thursday? Where is it taken from?

Maundy Thursday is derived from Jesus’ words in the Gospel of John on Thursday, referring to the “new commandment” he gave to his apostles.

In the English speaking world, many call Holy Thursday as “Maundy Thursday.”

What does Maundy Thursday mean?

The word Maundy is related to the Latin word, “mandatum,” and is found in the liturgy during the washing of the feet.


Dom Prosper Gueranger explains this meaning in his Liturgical Year.

This antiphon is taken from the Gospel of John and repeats the words of Jesus to his Apostles.

Why Maundy Thursday celebrates?

Maundy Thursday celebrates an unusual event. Jesus and his disciples had met together in secret for a special celebration, the meal which marked the beginning of the festival of Passover.


The pattern of the meal is strictly ordered; but, according to John’s Gospel, Jesus broke the pattern midway by leaving the table, returning with a bowl of water, and washing the feet of his disciples.

‘Maundy’ came to be the term used when people’s feet were washed in this service, a practice still followed in churches today. [Read Also: $50,000 reward for a Syrian immigrant who reported the New York shooter

Jesus explained his actions – then normally performed by a slave on arrival at a meal – as demonstrating, in a very memorable way, the kind of humble leadership which would be needed as his followers grew, in the coming years, to form the early church. They would not be concerned with status, with financial gain, with honour. The further up the ladder they went, the greater would be their opportunities for service and support to those less able, or less fortunate, than they were.


In three weeks’ time, we will be electing our local councillors; those who serve their community by facilitating many of the services upon which we all depend. They will be putting their reputations, and their plans and hopes for the future, in front of us, seeking our support. It’s worth spending a little time asking ourselves what we expect of them, and how we would wish them to work with us as a community.

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