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The state of Kuwait, part of the Persian Gulf is fully Educational policies and seeks to provide opportunities in education for children of Kuwait. So, the Ministry of Education in Kuwait exits in the year 1965.

What is the Education History of Kuwait?

What is the Education History of Kuwait?
First Building of Ministry of Education

At the beginning of the 20th century, there are no education schools in Kuwait except a few Islamic schools to teach Quranic Verses for children known as Al-Katatib funded by some private wealthy citizens.

In 1911, Kuwait’s modern educational institution was established named Al-Mubarakiya School and funded by some wealthy merchants to teach their clerks about commerce, arithmetic, reading, and writing skills.


In 1965, the Constitution made education a fundamental right of a citizen, education was made compulsory for children between the ages of 6 and 14.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the Ministry of Education has sought to formulate a general, long-term education strategy with a focus on educational teaching for years up to 2025. The aim of this effort is to align the teaching method with the current needs of the growing global world.

Levels of Education System of Kuwait

Levels of Education System of Kuwait
Levels of Education System of Kuwait. Image Source [email protected]

There are four levels of the education system in Kuwait.

  1. Kindergarten (or) Nursery – Lasting 2 Years
  2. Primary – Lasting 5 Years
  3. Intermediate – Lasting 4 Years and
  4. Secondary – Lasting 3 Years

Schooling at the Primary and Secondary level is compulsory for all children to age between 6 – 14 years. And Intermediate and Secondary levels are free, it’s the interest of students to study higher education are not.

There are approximately 1,145 schools in Kuwait at all levels from kindergarten to secondary (Based on 2006 figures). Out of this 664 are public schools and 481 are private schools. Kuwait has 6 districts.

Nursery and primary education

In Kuwait, schooling usually starts at the age of six. Pre-school or nursery education is also available to children between four and six years old. Under a new system, primary education will start from the age of 5.


Most of the schools in Kuwait are private schools, which are run by foreign sponsors and they mostly offer co-education, while Kuwait public schools are gender-separated starting at the primary level.

Examples of private foreign schools in Kuwait are Kuwait Bilingual School (KBS), British School of Kuwait (BSK), Bayan Bilingual School, American School of Kuwait, The New English School (Kuwait), American International School in Kuwait. Kuwait English School, French School, and Canadian School of Kuwait (CSK).

Private schools are not subsidized by the state. In 2007, the primary gross enrollment rate was 98.5 percent. The Gender Equality Index, which is the ratio of male enrollment to female enrollment, was 0.98.


This indicates gender parity for enrollment at the primary level. [15] The percentage of Kuwaitis studying in private schools in kindergarten is 20 percent.

Intermediate and secondary education

There are two levels in the Intermediate and secondary education .

  • Intermediate Level – In the Intermediate level, the students should study four years up to grade 9 after that they move to secondary level.
  • Secondary Level – The Secondary level is for 3 years, Secondary education lasts 3 years of school. After that, students can adopt higher education by entering the university or admission to a vocational school to study technical or professional qualifications.

Vocational, post-secondary and tertiary education

Post-secondary education comprises vocational and technical courses offered by PAAET(the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training), a state institution, and degree programs offered by Kuwait University, and other 14 private universities.


List of 14 Private Universities in Kuwait

  • Algonquin College – Kuwait (AC)
  • American College of the Middle East (ACM)
  • American International University – Kuwait (AIU)
  • Arab Open University (AOU)
  • American University of the Middle East (AUM)
  • American University of Kuwait (AUK)
  • Australian College of Kuwait (ACK)
  • Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST)
  • Kuwait University (KU)
  • Kuwait Maastricht Business School 
  • Kuwait College of Science and Technology (KCST)
  • College of Aviation Technology (CAT)
  • The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET)

The Kuwait government encourages to its citizens to choose vocational training programs to fulfill the need for skilled workers in the market. Students enrolling in vocational training with PAAET can participate in programs after elementary, middle, or secondary school, although the majority of students, about 70 percent, are enrolled after completing secondary school

Types of Ministry of Education in Kuwait:

There are two main ministries are involved in the education system

  1. Ministry of Education.
  2. Ministry of Higher Education.

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education In Kuwait
Ministry of Education In Kuwait. Image [email protected]

Ministry of Education is Supervises all schools, universities, and institutes of education in Kuwait. Kuwait’s government established it in 1936 and Primary Sector is governmental Institutions.

Address Details of Ministry of Education:



Building: Ministry of Education – Kuwait Building
Street: Road 80
Area: Shuwaikh Industrial Area
P.O. Box: 7
Country: Kuwait
City: Kuwait City
City Suffix: Safat 13001


Al Assimah


Ministry of Higher Education

Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait
Ministry of Higher Education

Ministry of Higher Education was establishment by Decree No. (164/88) of October 16, 1988, was an affirmation of the state to pay more attention to higher education in order to improve its effectiveness and broaden its various educational aspects.


The main role of this ministry is to do whatever has to do with the university and applied education and scientific research, use them to serve and advance the community and set the general framework for the strategies and plans.

It is necessary for the development of higher education in both universities and application pages and oversees plans and programs for the preparation and development of the workforce and for promoting and coordinating the scientific research movement between the various educational establishments and institutions in the country

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Schools are there in Kuwait?

There are 1,371 schools available in Kuwait based on the academic year 2017-2018. Out of this total, 551 schools are private in Kuwait and 820 schools are public fully funded by Govt.


Best schools in Kuwait for co-education

Some of the best schools in kuwait for co-education

  1. Kuwait Bilingual School (KBS), – Visit Site
  2. British School of Kuwait (BSK), – Visit Site
  3. Bayan Bilingual School, – Visit Site
  4. American School of Kuwait, – Visit Site
  5. The New English School (Kuwait), – Visit Site
  6. American International School in Kuwait. – Visit Site
  7. Kuwait English School, – Visit Site
  8. French School, and – Visit Site
  9. Canadian School of Kuwait (CSK). – Visit Site

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