How to make money on YouTube without videos! 2021 Strategy

How to make money on YouTube without videos
How to make money on YouTube without videos

Before we start how to make money on YouTube without videos? Let me tell you why I’m writing this article?  

Secret Tips How to earn money on YouTube without making videos in 2021

  • Select a Niche Ex: Cooking, Pets, Funnyvideos, Healthtips
  • Download videos from Instagram. (Note: Download same Niche videos)
  • Edit videos as your own by using Video Editing Softwares. (Don’t worry Free Apps Available in the Market)
  • Create Youtube Channel on Same Niche.
  • Download Videos on YouTube and do Some SEO.

Recently I’ve seen a lot of videos on YouTube that are gaining millions of views and earning thousands of dollars without making their own stuff. How does it work for them? Why not you become one of them?


If you search on the internet about “how to make money on YouTube without making videos“, you’ll get tons of videos and articles on this topic. But this trick I’ll show in this article, it’s very rare to find.

Before Reveal the tricks on how to make money on YouTube without creating videos. Let me show you someone’s who actually worked on this and they are very successful. Look at the image below.

The above image shows the video on YouTube got millions of views and if you watch the video which is a collection of funny stuff from social media.


Yes, “Life Awesome” is a YouTube channel that collects funny videos from Instagram and makes it one single video and adds channel intro-video then upload it on YouTube.

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And they earn a huge amount of money from these videos.


This is only one example of it, there are so many people earning huge money by using these tricks. If you can’t create videos then this is the best way to use this trick and it works very well.

How to make money on YouTube without videos in 2021?

All you do is just follow the below steps are shown in the info graphic image:

How to make money on YouTube without videos in 2021
How to make money on YouTube without videos in 2021

How to download Instagram videos on your Android mobile?

Downloading Instagram videos is very simple on your devices by using a third-party application.


There is a lot of application on iStore, play store, and third-party websites which helps you to download any videos from Instagram

You will use any of them, but in my case, I’m going with the “Repost” application. By using the repost app you can download any videos from Instagram. Do you want to know how to install it?

How to download Instagram videos on the iPhone?

By using third-party applications or websites you can easily download Instagram videos on your iPhone.


As I said before, I’m using a “Repost” application for the iPhone device to download Instagram videos. let me tell you in details:

To download the “Repost” App just go to iStore and type ” Repost” on the search tool, and the Repost app appears on the top then just install it on your device. Once you installed the app follow these steps:

  • Open the “Repost” app.
  • Login with your Instagram id like you login in to the Instagram official app.
  • On the top corner, you’ll get a search tool. Search for the video you want to download.
  • Either your download by using a search tool or by using a search through the Url option.
  • After finding the video just play the video, once you play the video it appears advertisement poster (Popup ads) on the video just close it.

That’s it, downloading starts.


Editing the Videos

After downloading the video you should edit it by using editor apps, Either you can edit the videos through mobile devices or PC. Remember, to make a video for YouTube your video is always more than 10 minutes.

Create a YouTube Channel

Create a channel on YouTube and pick the name related to your niche (Topic). For example, If your creating funny videos channel then your channel name should be like this Top Funny thing, Top funny pranks, etc.

Finally, upload the video on your YouTube channel and make some good SEO. Share the video on your social network sites like FaceBook, Twitter, etc.


Bottom Line:

Earning money on YouTube is very easy with this trick all you have to do is just follow the trick without wasting time.

Always pick trending videos from Instagram because trending videos are easy to viral on YouTube.


Just try your luck on YouTube and keep patience and keep regularly uploading videos on YouTube which helps you to get some views on your channel.

I hope you understand How to make money on YouTube without videos by using Instagram videos in 2021. If you really like this article please share this with your friends.

Thanks for reading this article and if you’re already using this trick let me know below the comment section.



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