What is the story of Muhammad? Afghan Translator who saved Biden’s life

Perhaps the image of hundreds of Afghans gathering on a US military cargo plane fleeing Kabul was not and will not be the only shocking image of many and repeated attempts to escape from Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of it.

Muhammad, the Afghan translator, is trying in every way to cling to the straw of freedom that he dreams of getting out of Afghanistan, after the Pentagon announced the withdrawal of the last US soldier from Afghanistan, taking advantage of an incident that occurred in 2008, during which he managed to save US President Joe Biden, perhaps interceding for him to get out of His country and the start of a new life away from Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban, according to the American newspaper “The Wall Street Journal”.

According to the newspaper, 13 years ago, the Afghan translator Muhammad helped save then-Senator Joe Biden and two other members of the US Senate when they were stranded in a remote valley in Afghanistan after the helicopter carrying them had to land in a snowstorm.


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Muhammad appealed to President Biden through the Wall Street Journal, which withheld his full name for safety reasons, saying, “Hello, Mr. President, save me and my family, don’t leave me here.”

The newspaper pointed out that Muhammad is currently hiding with his wife and four children for fear of the Taliban, after his attempts to get out of Afghanistan stumbled with bureaucratic procedures, like many of the United States’ Afghan allies, who were left behind as the United States ended its war in the country.


Save Biden

Afghan Translator who saved Biden's life
Afghan Translator who saved Biden’s life

According to what was reported by the Wall Street Journal about US military veterans, Mohammed was working with US forces in 2008, when two military Black Hawk helicopters were forced to land in Afghanistan during a snowstorm, which led to a complete lack of visibility.

Onboard the helicopters were 3 members of the US Senate, Democrat Joe Biden from Delaware, Republican Chuck Hagel from Nebraska, and Democrat John Kerry from Massachusetts.


While the crew of the two helicopters made an urgent call for help, the special security team from Blackwater and US Army soldiers were deployed, in anticipation of the presence of Taliban fighters in the area.

The first sergeant in the Arizona National Guard at the time, Brian Genty, recounted that as soon as he received this call at Bagram Air Force Base, Muhammad jumped in a Humvee with a rapid response force from the Arizona National Guard that was working with the “82nd Airborne Division”, and then drove the car for hours toward nearby mountains in order to rescue the stranded.

The emergency landing area, located 20 miles southeast of Bagram base, was not under Taliban control at the time, but it was also not entirely safe. Just a day before the incident, US forces had killed about 20 Taliban fighters in a major battle. About 10 miles away, said the soldiers who fought there at the time.


Snowball story

The senators later reported that they spent the time in the helicopter joking about throwing snowballs at the Taliban.

“We were going to send Biden to fight the Taliban with snowballs, but we didn’t have to,” John Kerry said after the rescue.

Matthew Springmeyer, who was then leading the security team for Blackwater, said the senators were quickly returned to Bagram with the same group that Muhammad came with.


Jonty confirmed that Muhammed stood with Afghan soldiers on one side of the helicopters, while members of the 82nd Airborne Division protected the other side, and when curious locals got too close, Muhammed would use a megaphone to tell them to leave.

According to the American soldiers, Muhammad participated with them in more than 100 gun battles, and Ginty said that the soldiers trusted him so much that they would sometimes give him a weapon to use if they had trouble in some difficult areas.

Use the incident to polish his record

The newspaper pointed out that Biden used this incident to polish his foreign policy record while running for the presidential race as a candidate for vice president in 2008.


“If you want to know where al-Qaeda lives, and where Osama bin Laden is, go back to Afghanistan with me, take me to the area where my helicopter had to land in the middle of those mountains,” Biden declared during his campaign in October, just months after the rescue. I can tell you where they are.”

The newspaper reported: Mohammed’s visa application faltered after his defense contractor lost the records he needed for his application.

After the Taliban took control of Kabul on August 15, Mohammed said he tried his luck at the gates of Kabul airport, like the others, but that US forces intercepted his way, and they told him he could enter but without his wife and children.


For her part, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki thanked the translator, Muhammad, for his service, stressing that the United States remains committed to removing the Afghan allies from the country.

We will return the favor to you

“We’ll get you out, and we’ll pay you back,” Psaki said after a Wall Street Journal reporter read her Muhammad’s letter to President Biden.

It is noteworthy that US President Joe Biden confirmed yesterday, Tuesday, that America had completed the largest evacuation operation in history, adding that “America ended in Afghanistan the longest war in its history,” but considered that “the mission in Afghanistan is not over yet.”


In a speech from the White House about the end of the evacuations, he added: “We succeeded in evacuating tens of thousands of people from Afghanistan despite ISIS targeting Kabul airport,” describing the evacuation from Afghanistan as a historic, successful and exceptional operation.

Biden said that Washington succeeded in removing 90% of the Americans who want to leave Afghanistan, expressing his determination to evacuate the remaining Americans in Afghanistan.


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